18 Oct 2020

EU Bans Illuminated Rolls Royce Mascot

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If anybody needed one more argument for Brexit, Motor1 has it:

Apparently, the light-up hood ornament creates light pollution.

It’s hard to feel too sorry for anyone wealthy enough to own a new Rolls-Royce, but there’s bad news for these folks in the European Union because the illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy badge is no longer available. Making matters worse, the light-up hood ornament needs to be removed from any Rolls that currently has it.

The cause of this weird decision is that the illuminated sculpture does not comply with the new EU light pollution regulations. After disconnecting it, Rolls will refund owners for the price of the option and replace the hood ornament with a silver-plated Spirit of Ecstasy. Note that this only applies to vehicles in the EU, and models elsewhere are still free to light up the lady.

Obviously, Eurocrats have way too much time on their hands.

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This is the same regulatory bs that we now face or will be facing in time. Sociopaths are everywhere.

We must push back!

A. Squaretail

How stupid of them.

Fusil Darne

I have wondered when the crazies would begin to clamor about the old car that sleeps, most of the time, under a car cover, in my garage. It is obnoxiously nonPC, and the sound of it, making it’s way down an entrance ramp, the glorious sound of a large displacement American pushrod V8 howling in rage against the forces of gravity and air resistance, must cause them to wet themselves.
From my cold, dead, driving gloved, hands.

M. Murcek

As the old rejoinder goes: “Having solved cancer, poverty, starvation, pestilence and despair, the politicians and bureaucrats move on to the difficult stuff…”

M. Murcek

Fusil Darne: Rush has a tune about your car situation – Red Barchetta…

Fusil Darne

Synchronicity being what it is, a friend and I were just speaking of that song, last night.

His version of the Oldsmobile 442 has a bigger, and, presumably more obnoxious engine.

My life revolves around maximizing my carbon footprint, and, my cylinder count.

The Usual Suspect

This is how regulations written by bureaucrats have the full force and effect of law. I would not remove my spirit of ecstacy or any other spirit as in freedom and liberty. I have not yet worn a mask and will not, I’m not sick.


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