16 Nov 2020

Shiro Kasamatsu

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Shiro Kasamatsu, Sakunami Hot Springs, 1954.

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Beautiful picture/painting. I have never understood the attraction of hot springs. There are a couple dozen here in my state and they attract their share of hippies and others. But, why? Don’t they have showers and tubs at home. Why drive miles and park your car on the side of the road then walk long distances to a questionable dirty hot spring with other people in it and undress and slide in beside them???


“with other people in it and undress and slide in beside them???”

yeah that remains a mystery…


Strange Daze

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Robert Kendall

I soak in the many we have here in Idaho due to the various mineral content in them, they’re all different as far as what they’re composed of. they cycle constantly from deep inside the earth and “cleanliness” is not an issue as very few things, if any, can live in a hot spring. the muscle rejuvenation is remarkable in some of them, especially when you have sore muscles. the best is called “Murphy’s Hotsprings” in the microscopic town of Murphy,ID, (an hour south-west of Twin Falls) they’re so pure you can drink the water.


I have never been in a hot spring but one of my old hippy friends loves them and he tells me that they typically have multiple pools each cooler than the first so they are not all hot enough to be clean.

I suppose you believe that the minerals do something for you? I doubt it, but why not just buy some of this “stuff” and throw in in your tub at home? Why share the tub?

Robert Kendall

one guy, try it, the minerals work, if you were in shape and actually exercised you’d notice the difference


I’m open to learning something, so what happens when you sit in a mineral hot spring?


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