17 Nov 2020

Book Burners

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The above chilling tweets, advocating book burning and other other forms of forcible suppression of opinion have recently gone viral.

Heine long ago observed: “Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen.” (Those who burn books, they will also in the end burn people.)


Grace E. Lavery is a post-doc Associate Professor at Berkeley.

GEL is a transexual, who is “married” to “Daniel M. Lavery“, a transexual who was born Mallory Ortberg.

So we have a boy who think’s he has become a girl married to a girl who thinks she has become a boy. One cannot help thinking that they didn’t really have to go to all that trouble: they could just have gotten together and married the way they were.

I remembered Mallory Ortberg. Over the years, I came across a number of witty little postings of hers and linked them here.

Obviously, both GEL and MO/DML are highly intelligent (though seriously screwed up), talented, witty, and erudite people who’d be a great asset at any cocktail party.

I’m basically tolerant. I don’t care what they do in private, and I agree that they are, privately, entitled to characterize their identities and relationship in any terms they like. If I knew them as friends, I expect I would politely refrain from expressing my own private opinion of their world-view and fantasies and would go some distance in humoring them.

Where I draw the line, though, is in allowing people this far removed from normal reality to define the culture and public policy. They may be talented and well-educated, but they are also obviously afflicted with grave psychological problems and they not only subscribe, but are fundamentally invested in, they have centered their lives and their identities around, a futile and essentially pathological fantasy. People with this grave a level of removal from normalcy and reality ought not to be allowed to occupy any positions of trust, responsibility, and public influence.

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I miss the days when the draft occupied the thoughts of folks like GEL and MO/DML.


Fascism is/was rebranded to mean whatever the left doesn’t like and wants to blame on the right. But that isn’t what it is/was. Fascism was merely socialism where the government did not “take over” all means of production but rather used the force of the state to tell those who retained ownership of production what they could produce, who got it and for how much. Fascism is/was always a left wing social/government structure and never a right wing idea.

A. Squaretail

Very good comment. I really don’t care how people “identify” or what they do in private. I do care when they try to tell me that I have to approve of their actions or if they try to force me to take some action to make them feel better. If they leave me alone, I’ll leave them alone and, on a personal basis, if they are my friends, I’ll support them privately. On the other hand, I won’t be bullied and I won’t have my family interfered with.


The problem becomes when people like this think they should advocate for someone else’s children to make irrevocable decisions, without any real scientific or medical basis for their opinions other than personal feelings like “I’m transgendered so I should be able to force society to let other people’s children make that same decision before they are legally or morally capable of knowing the consequences, without their parents consent.” It’s kind of like pedophile recruitment advocacy. A form of criminal child abuse.


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