10 Jan 2021

What an Age We Live in!

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A pro golfer misses a putt and vents his frustration with an expletive, and voilà the miscreant’s crime against Political Correctness is international news, meriting a story in the (generally conservative) NY Post.

Sheer insanity, too! The obscenity employed when something frustratingly goes amiss –you miss the key putt, you bang your finger with a hammer– has no real object beyond the unfortunate event. And this kind of swearing is standard human, letting-off-steam behavior. The Puritan fathers of Old Salem have nothing on the nincompoop generation running Establishment Media and Big Tech today.

The scumbag shitheel who wrote that article is identified here.

3 Feedbacks on "What an Age We Live in!"


So what next? Witch trials and burning at the stake?



I’ll guess Red Guard style shaming and a social scoring system, ultimately landing in terror state tactics- the “cancelling culture” falls short of random showtrials, executions, or mental institution incarceration but seeds the ground for that.

Ralph Crammit

I think those who fault the flogger in the video need to watch the Mo Bamba “song” by Sheck Wes.


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