12 Jan 2021

A Watershed Moment

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Brendan O’Neill

Cancel culture doesn’t exist, they say. And yet with the flick of a switch, billionaire capitalists voted for by precisely nobody have just silenced a man who is still the democratically elected president of the United States. With the push of a button in their vast temples to technology, the new capitalist oligarchs of Silicon Valley have prevented a man who won the second largest vote in the history of the American republic just two months ago — 74million votes — from engaging with his supporters (and critics) in the new public square of the internet age.

Not only does cancel culture exist — it is the means through which the powerful, unaccountable oligarchies of the internet era and their clueless cheerleaders in the liberal elites interfere in the democratic process and purge voices they disapprove of. That’s what Twitter’s permanent suspension of Donald Trump confirms.

The new capitalists’ cancellation of the democratically elected president of the United States is a very significant turning point in the politics and culture of the Western world. We underestimate the significance of this act of unilateral purging at our peril. It demonstrates that the greatest threat to freedom and democracy comes not from the oafs and hard-right clowns who stormed the Capitol this week, but from the technocratic elites who spy in the breaching of the Capitol an opportunity to consolidate their cultural power and their political dominance.

Twitter’s ban on Trump is extraordinary for many reasons. First, there’s the arrogance of it. Make no mistake: this is the bosses vs democracy; corporates vs the people; exceptionally wealthy and aloof elites determining which elected politicians may engage in online discussion, which is where most political and public debate takes place in the 21st century. Those who cannot see how concerning and sinister it is that a handful of Big Tech companies have secured a virtual monopoly over the social side of the internet, and are now exploiting their monopolistic power to dictate what political opinions it is acceptable to hold and express in these forums, urgently needs a wake-up call.

Secondly, there is Twitter’s deeply disturbing justification for why it suspended Trump. It says Trump’s account ran the ‘risk’ of ‘inciting violence’. And yet the two tweets of his that it cites do nothing of the sort. In one, Trump describes his voters as ‘great American patriots’ and insists they will have a ‘GIANT VOICE’ in the future. In the other he confirms that he will not be attending the inauguration of Joe Biden. That’s it. In what warped moral universe can such standard, boastful Trump-made statements be interpreted as calls for violence?


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A. Squaretail

Why am I reminded of “The House of Krupp?”


PBS advocates for placing the children of the unfit in “enlightenment camps”, perhaps with sesame street characters as props.

watch the videos. we’ve left the weimar and now it’s 1938.



PBS guy above- they fired the his silly can.

it will be interesting to see what agency or board he gets on next. the rats take care of their own on our dime.


I don’t see Rantingly, for example, taking dow the Sh*tter callouts that take up 1/3 of their page. I think it’s time to say “If you are still on social media, I can’t trust you at all…”

J kazak

Everything the Democrats believe in is based on a lie.


Email group lists work pretty well for people and we don’t need Twatter or FakeBook for cat and puppy pitchers.


Oh, and those “patient portals” are a fraud that usually like to Google. Your records are protected but anything you post in reply to your physician’s comments is fair game for, like, discount Indian Viagra.

Call or send a letter, or they will improve your “user experience”. If you didn’t have “piles” before…… the Googling will do yah.

There has got to be a magazine near the checkout that will answer your question without the doc’s co-pay and the advertising committee.


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