23 Jan 2021

New Word of the Day: Renommierschmiss

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1908: Swords at dawn.
2021: Pool noodles at dawn.


still done.

first I ever learned of it was in an old, maybe1939, Life magazine.

a flawed reference is “By the Sword”/Cohen

Read of Giorgio Thomaselli, for whom Mussolini lifted the ban on dueling for a day that Giorgio could act as his father’s 2nd.

and Aldo Nadi, given the same courtesy by Il Duce.

Giorgio lived in my neighborhood.


Perhaps a closed-casket funeral after DNA verification.

Honor is probably a special order item.

Do they make high explosive pool noodles? Asking for a friend.

bob sykes

The reality is you could die either from an infection or be seriously disfigured. Dueling was madness, but you cannot deny it took courage and athletic skill. The survivors deserved whatever social cachet they got.

In both world wars, the German army outperformed the allies at the unit level. And the ethic was that officers shared the suffering of the troops. Viz. Rommel in the Austrian alps.


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