11 Feb 2021

Tower of London Has First New Ravens in 30 Years

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Raven chicks have been born at the Tower of London for the first time in 30 years.

The four new arrivals began hatching on St George’s Day following the arrival of breeding pair Huginn and Muninn at the end of last year.

The Tower usually has six ravens at any time and, according to legend, if they ever leave both the fortress and the kingdom will fall.

Ravenmaster Yeoman Warder Chris Skaife said he felt “like a proud father”.

It is not known how long ravens have lived at the Tower but it is thought Charles II was the first to insist there must be at least six.

There are currently seven based at the 1,000-year-old fortress, not including the new family.


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ravens will attempt to draw a potential meal towards a predator- humans have at times mistaken this for the ravens leading them to safety. ravens cannot pierce the skin of prey, only peck out the eyes, so they rely on carrion. even if they have to set it up.

aye, they’re a wry lot…


Lee Also

I follow the Ravenmaster on Facebook.

Recently, one of the Ravens went missing and she is presumed dead. That was so sad. Merlin’s. She had bonded with the Ravenmaster, and I had worried what she would do when he retired. (Her normal lifespan should have had her still around the Tower of London when he would require, which would not be for many years still.)

They’re allowed to fly; their wings are only minimally clipped. And I guess she was pretty bold.

I still find it said that Merlina is gone. I hope the new chicks have her personality.

steve walsh

Minimally or wholly clipped, what difference does it make if they are disabled from leaving?

Lee Also

The thing is, they aren’t necessarily disabled from leaving. Merlina flew away. Never returned. And since she was bonded with the Ravenmaster, that means she’s likely dead.

I don’t know enough about clipping birds’ wings. I just know what I read about the Tower of London Ravens. And that they were minimally clipped so that they would still be able to fly, but the idea was to not go too far.


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