15 Feb 2021

Excessive Watches


Some people think they prove both superior taste and financial acumen by modestly wearing only Timex watches. Other people look suspiciously at a man’s wrist and conclude that he never had any serious money if they don’t see a big name wristwatch Rolex or better. Younger people these days commonly don’t even wear watches. They get the time from their smartphones.

Then, there is also out there a small, very rich element that is fascinated by horology and that collects watches costing more than most people’s houses.

Crown and Caliber discusses some of the over-the-top timepieces built specifically to appeal to that rechercher market. I think it’s worth watching because it makes you feel good to see hideously expensive objects you couldn’t possibly afford that you actually don’t want.

One Feedback on "Excessive Watches"


It is for the same reason people by BMW’s or wear $1000 suits. It is a form of showing of or perhaps more correctly a self-imposed classism. They are better than you.

Funny story; My wife and I took our older Van on a trip. Sleep in the van a couple of nights than one night in a motel and travel around the states. The van had no other accomodations than a back seat that laid down and with a few additions made a bed. A couple hundred thousand miles and a little beat up but workable. We were in Carmel and stopped at a grocery store before heading down Big Sur. Pulled in right beside a lady and her daughter who were getting out of their new BMW. Didn’t crowd their car or say anything to them or give them dirty looks but as we got out of the van and headed for the store I heard the mother tell the daughter to get back into the car because she was gonna move it. She obviously didn’t want any of our low class and dirt to rub off on her or her car.


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