18 Feb 2021

Rush Limbaugh, 12 January 1951 — 17 February 2021

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Melania Trump presented Rush with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Back in 2004, when Ronald Reagan died, his casket was carried in the hearse up the winding Simi Valley roads to his presidential library where the burial site was waiting. For 25 miles the narrow roads were lined with crowds of people standing in tribute to the former president. I recall one woman was holding up a large sign which bore the simple message: “Well Done.”

Rush Limbaugh was undoubtedly the greatest spokesman of Conservatism after Reagan, and I think the same sign would be equally applicable to Rush.

Ossa molliter cubent. “May the earth lay lightly on his bones.”


Mark Steyn put it rightly, paraphrasing Rush’s favorite line: “Talent returned to God.”

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I’ll never forget the utter amazement displayed by the network newspeople covering Reagan’s funeral procession by the sheer number of people attending and the amount of respect they showed for the man.

“flummoxed by it” is an apt description.

Sally J Dungan

Rush invited those who, with a canary’s sense of danger, knew something was dangerous. He invited us to rejoin the great conversations of civilization. God welcome him to the sweetness of eternal rest. May we continue the work of freedom.

Seattle Sam

The reason Rush was hated so much was that he articulated conservatism to the masses in a way that people like Bill Buckley and George Will just could not do.


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