16 Apr 2021

Why Chauvin Must Be Ruled Innocent

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Our Law is based on the English Common Law, and the pertinent case is The King v. Hodgson, “a knave who feloniously and maliciously starts a ‘chain reaction’ of acts dangerous to human life must be held responsible for the natural fatal results of such acts.” — 1 Leach 7, 168 Eng. Rep. 105 (1730), which principle was upheld in Commonwealth v. Almeida. –362 Pa. 596, 68 A.2d 595 (1949), cert. denied, 339 U.S. 924 (1950).

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Seattle Sam

I think this was replaced by Woke Law: Laws that don’t not bring about the desired result are invalid.

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John T Sanford

I would venture that the jury should find “not guilty” on all charges because the prosecution has failed to present three dead bodies. That or triple jeopardy, your pick.


“Woke” Law is adaptable to the needs of the moment, and to a performance by Mad Maxie. That there “White” law don’t hold no truck no more. That leaves more time for the improv narrative.


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