25 Jul 2021

Private (Non-Government-Funded) Space Flight

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Back in 2004, a guy named Brian Binnie flew this rocket-powered Space Ship, basically built in Burt Rutan’s garage, into space. No computer controls, not even hydraulics…the controls were connected to the joystick by cables and pulleys, just like a WWI biplane. THIS was the first privately built aircraft to fly to space, and it did it twice within two weeks winning the US$10,000,000 Ansari X Prize.

We’ve heard a lot recently about Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos taking private aircraft into space, but this was the real beginning of private space flight.

One Feedback on "Private (Non-Government-Funded) Space Flight"

bob sykes

Unfortunately, they do not have anywhere need the resources needed. They have billions, and the projects need trillions. If NASA, Russia or China don’t do it, there will be no manned space programs.


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