19 Aug 2021



Markers placed next to shell casings where a child was shot near the of corner West Haddon Avenue and North Honore Street in East Ukrainian Village, Chicago, Wednesday, August 18, 2021.

β€œIn the worst year in Afghanistan, 2010, the U.S. suffered 440 troops killed in action. So far this year in Chicago, 480 people have been shot to death. When will the U.S. begin its withdrawal from Chicago?”

Glenn Reynolds: Might as well. The place is clearly incapable of governing itself.

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We should leave Chicago . . . and S.F. and D.C. and every other major democrat run center of disaster. Surround them with razor wire and isolate them. Nothing in, nothing out. Make them their own countries so the rest of the U.S. can live in peace and harmony. While you’re at it, banish all the malcontents in the rest of the US to live in the cesspools they have created. I can see the MSM, the NEA, the ACLU and the government unions going, too.


Better act quickly. The “Open Borders” means that those who have cities full of the useless will be importing a new “useful” population to provide votes that they can sell. In Compton, Calif. the gang-bangers were driven into the surrounding ghettos by the new Hispanic population/gangs. The “surround” of most American cities are the suburbs. Enjoy your patio while you can “Next year” you will be in a tiny urban apartment eating burritos for lunch.

Wayne Wonka

Cut your losses and get out of the cities!

FMJRA 2.0: Welcome To Planet Motherf***er : The Other McCain

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Do you think that the Corruptocrats gave the same deal to the Corruptocracy in Kabul [& Islamabad] as they did to those in Chicago and Baltimore?


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