02 Nov 2021

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U nited N othing


Where did the $2 trillion we spent in Afghanistan go? I suspect that there are a couple hundred very rich form Afghan politicians/generals living the good life as multimillionaires on the sunny Mediterranean coast right now.

Where did the trillion$ go that were allocated to fighting covid?

Where will the trillion$ go that congress is trying to get passed this week if those bills pass??

Maybe Elon Musk should be appointed to audit our federal government.


Why do you think “Afghan” politicians?

Hunter made it clear that the “Big Guy” always gets a slice. The Obama Administration was moving arms to ISIS/ISIL via the Gulf states and “somebody” was getting a piece of the ISIS/ISIL oil that no one was willing to bomb. I doubt if it was the Afghans who were getting rich on that. Seems like the “Establishment” [GOPe] finally got in on that scam. Why do you think that Mr. Diaper is in the White House?

I think there are some old quips about “Who Benefits?” and “Follow the Money”.

Currently, I am interested in who is getting the grift from the vaccination mandates? Creating vacancies for the Uniparty’s “Pets” seems a bit far-sighted for this group, although it did work with the forced retirements in the USPS.


Afghanistan also has a lot of lithium, a source of energy for electric vehicles. Look to who is pushing those.
I think that 17 of the 19 bombers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia, yet first we went into Afghanistan, then we went into Iraq (oil)shhh! I wonder if we actually accomplished the mission, like George W. said we did?
We will likely never know, unless we get a look at the net worth of the top dogs, like the Bush’s, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld family, et al. That is, if their wealth was the actual mission.


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