17 Nov 2021

Good Story


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That’s cool and all, but how does “an orphan girl from Ethiopia” travel the world and end up visiting Yellowstone? Aren’t there orphans here in the USA to adopt?


McChuck: Just speculation, and maybe I’m being an old cynic, but perhaps by adopting an orphan from Africa the family will avoid criticism from the left if they adopted a black child from here. That’s happened before. A couple from my hometown adopted a black girl and her brother and raised them here in our small town midwest white community. They went to high school and were very well received and liked and the only black kids in the school of maybe 200 kids. Then the girl went off to university where all the “sistahs” got into her head. She is now alienated from her adoptive parents because she was “denied” her black heritage.

I don’t know why the couple picked black kids to adopt instead of white kids, but all the backlash came from the black community, not the whites.


An old girlfriend who was a social worker involved in placing adopted children told me that the dirty little secret of adoption is that black people don’t adopt children.


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