31 Dec 2021

Remembering Harry Reid


A FB Friend’s analysis of career politician HARRY REID’s wealth:

“He went to into politics at a young age, did not come from wealth, worked for the government his entire working life and amassed a 10-20 million net worth on government salary. To put this in perspective Reid’s salary as a Senator ranged from 40-160k per year. Which means he netted about 30-110k before he spent a dollar on food, shelter, and transportation. To amass 10 million in wealth on that salary is impossible without corruption!”


“Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I’ll show you a crook.”

— Harry Truman.


Lawrence Person tries writing an obituary:

“Leaving a trail of slime behind him-”

Start over.

“A repugnant, repulsive reptile-”

Try again.

“What can be said about him that hasn’t already been said about bubonic plague?”

Strike that.

Man, I’m really having trouble staying on the high road for this Harry Reid obit.


3 Feedbacks on "Remembering Harry Reid"

A. Squaretail

I feel sorry for Reid’s suffering and that of his friends and family. While I would have save them, and even Reid himself, the pain, that doesn’t change that fact that in light of Reid’s decisions and actions, he deserved some punishment if not the punishment he received. The man led a self-centered, corrupt life that even the most charitable among us can’t hide. The truth can hurt which may be why Reid and his ilk avoided it whenever possible. His tombstone should read, “Well, he lost didn’t he?”


His tombstone should bear the accumulated weight of his sins,and topple into his grave,ensuring his entrance to the nether regions.

Seattle Sam

I wonder if at the end of his life he was as proud of his career of corruption as he was of lying about Mitt Romney. Was it worth it to be remembered this way, Harry?


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