25 Feb 2022

The “Ghost of Kiev”

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The Ghost is flying a MiG-29.

India Today reports:

With Russian forces having laid siege to Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, Ukrainians are now clinging on for dear life to every bit of ‘good news’ that they can find. Amid such a situation, the news of the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ — a fighter jet that has reportedly shot down six Russian aircraft — has brought hopes to Ukrainians and is motivating them to fight back. …

Videos of the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ are now going viral on social media. Many are calling the pilot the “first European Ace since World War II”. In aerial warfare terminology, an ‘ace’ is a pilot who has shot down at least five aircraft in combat.

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Your picture looks like a US F-35, not a Mig 29. Mig 29 is a twin engine.


You could be right. Alas! this was the only available photo. I guess Indian journalists are careless about using accurate photos.


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