07 Mar 2022

“Stuck in the Mud!”

Good news from Ukraine via Trent Telenko, a retired technical analyst at the U.S. Defense Contracts Management Agency, on the Chicagobozs blog:

I have posted on twitter about the Russian Army columns North of Kyiv decaying into immobile blobs due to the Rasputitsa, poorly maintained Chinese truck tires and shear “follow the plan” Russian incompetence.

The head and first dozen or so kilometers of the southernmost column north of Kiev have been stuck there for EIGHT DAYS. The Russians have since rammed more and more vehicles into this monster traffic jam (idiotically “following the plan” Soviet-style) so the whole thing is now 65-70 kilometers long (almost 40 miles).

And, because the trucks can’t go off-road due to the Rasputitsa mud and tire problems, they’re stuck on the roads and the roads’ shoulders three vehicles wide for the whole @40 miles. That means fuel and resupply trucks can’t move on or off road to deliver anything to anybody.

So all the columns’ heads are now out of fuel and battery power. They can’t move north, south or sideways, and everything behind them is stuck because of the mud, and rapidly running out of fuel and vehicle battery charge too (assuming they haven’t already). Nor can any of those columns defend themselves because they’re too densely packed. They’re just targets waiting for the Ukrainians to destroy them.

Only the Ukrainians had something better to do. They opened the floodgates of reservoirs around those columns to flood them and turn the surrounding areas into impassable quagmires for months – probably until July or August. (See photo below) Probably several thousand Russian vehicles in those columns will be irrecoverable losses. Hundreds of Russian soldiers might have drowned.

This was not just a debacle, but an EPIC one. About 1/5th of the Russian force in Ukraine is now flooded or trapped, and are definitely out of the war for good.


What a pity that we have not yet transferred to Ukraine lots of A10 groundattack aircraft!

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Gerard vanderleun

Well . . . . I dunno….

Seems to me that the column along with others from other directions might just be waiting…

Waiting to open fire.

Steve (retired/recovering lawyer)

Ordinarily I find this place filled with cogent thinking and intelligent insights, but today, I am disappointed in the simplistic appeal to send “lots of A10(s)” to Ukraine. Does the author not know that “lots of A10(s)” require lots of (American) technical support staff, trained in the care and maintenance of said aircraft, along with even larger volumes of spare parts, not to mention the ammunition that said aircraft expend at breathtaking volumes (around 4,000 RPM) not to mention the various and sundry other ordinance that generally hangs under its wings. Such an operation would be impossible to undertake, let alone maintain under present circumstances. No, let’s let the Ukies find another way to get the job done.

The Usual Suspect

Last night I read an open letter from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano regarding the Russia/Ukraine war. He places cause and blame on Deep State Bid=n administration, and George Soros, Klaus Schwab and their ilk. Very interesting thoughts and very interesting man the Archbishop.
Looking at the photo in this article, I see a lone tank stuck in deep mud, I do not see an entire column of tanks, trucks, and huge supply line backed up because of the lone tank and no other Russian vehicles in the background the roadway is
bereft, empty.


I find it perplexing how many people are siding with Ukraine. Zelensky was installed by Obama and his cronies to create the largest grift in human history. Lots of people in government here are making millions off of Zelensky’s corrupt oligarchy,not just the Bidens.
There’s also the small issue of letting Ukraine join NATO, assuring Western nuclear weapon placement a mere 160 miles from Moscow. We have broken every agreement with Russia in regards to NATO expansion since the 1950’s.


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