24 Mar 2022

Bad News for Parents

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HT: Karen L. Myers.

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There is a fix for this. Elect legislators who will seriously cut funding to any state institution that practices this kind of discrimination. Serious cuts, 50% and spell it out; because you are discriminating against citizens based on gender or race.

T. Shaw

But, the World needs more semi-literate, credentialed liars.

Lee Also

A few years back, when I used to live in California, I had two friends with daughters the same age, graduating from high school. Both had perfect gpas, and great resumes. Both were class valedictorians on high schools that were known to be good academic reputations. Both had Spanish last names. One, because her ancestors were among the original Spanish settlers of California, the other was Filipina. The settler descendant claimed Hispanic on her college applications. She was accepted to Stanford, Cal, UCLA. I told my other friend to claim Hispanic — who was going to know? But they just checked “Asian” on their daughter’s applications. She got into UC Irvine, and Cal Fullerton, and San Diego State.


Knowing these parents’ voting proclivities, all I can do is give them the Nelson Muntz laugh.


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