25 May 2022

Who’s Responsible?

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I assume too that for those people who are crazy, and arguably you are crazy if you do something like this, that the desire to be a copycat and gain notoriety is part of the problem.

I live in a big metro area with lots of freeways and every night on the news there are a handful of fatal crashes. You cannot drive a car on the freeway without acknowledging that many of the drivers are stupid, careless and just terrible drivers. I constantly see excessive speed, changing 3-4 lanes at once and intentional bad driving because someone pissed them off. Far more people are killed every year by premeditated bad driving than by gun violence and I don’t hear the call to ban cars or to blame AAA.

The simple fact is that there is an effort to rewrite the constitution and to replace the middle class and to loot the country’s wealth and that fact that some 200 million people own guns kinda puts a kink in that goal. and THAT is the real reason these incidents instill the need for gun control (middle class control).


I am wondering who “Buffalo Boy’s” parents were and who they knw.

That Shooter had threatened to kill others, had threatened suicide, was picked up by the police, and had a mental evaluation but no action was taken and no comment placed on his records. He was not living “at home”.

Someone had the money and/or influence to “protect” him and doomed the shoppers.

I’d bet that bit of information will be well buried.

M. Murcek

The Uvalde shooter lived with is gran and worked at Wendy’s but had $5000.00 worth of rifles and accessories. I guess his handlers bought it…

Hairless Joe

That is actually a pretty stupid cartoon. While not unfair to the lefty media, the NRA acknowledges the legitimate role of firearms in the defense of individuals against criminals, especially those of a tyrannical Government. It is much more than hunting. In fact, if I had to guess, hunters may not even comprise a majority of legal firearm owners.


Who’s Responsible? Hmmm…ask yourself,is there anything at all that fed.gov ever does that helps the people they purport to represent?

I’ll wait right here as my wizened ass turns to dust in the wind.


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