01 Jun 2022

Tweet of the Day

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I hate optimists. The tweet makes it sound like a typical system “screw up”.

Tranny “Sal” was a teen with, maybe, a nothing job at Wendy’s, who had been thrown out of the house of his addict Mother, and who was crashing on a mattress on his Granny’s floor, but who showed up at the massacre with rifles, accessories, ammunition and combat gear worth well over $5,000. Then there is the photograph of “Sal” in a girlie outfit with a tranny flag. That was not an amateur “snap shot”.

Someone, or some agency, groomed and equipped this mental defective for a specific task. Only a well funded agency would have the resources to scour the sewers of the internet and to equip a turd like this. The Leftist propaganda is all about an “assault rifle” and an “AR-15”, so that is he was given. A rifle here and a rifle there. One of the wackos is sure to pay off.

Boy! This gutter trash sure got some fine firearms.


$5000 seems a high estimate, but anyway, two new AR’s and optics is still two new AR’s and optics (plus more items?), a buy I’d have to think twice about.

makes as much sense for mike’s take to be plausible.


apologies, a 2nd read of mike’s post puts the numbers in perspective.


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