11 Jun 2022

More January 6th

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Red State:

AOC was teary, saying on Instagram she was “so angry” having to “relive that footage.” Her Instagram post said, “I’m shaking all over again.” “We were trapped on the campus with no way out.”

“On a personal level, I wasn’t expecting it to feel like this,” AOC had written out on her Instagram video. “But that’s how trauma works, right? You think you’re good. But now so many of the sensations from that day are roaring back into my skin, my muscles, my bones. Whole body is CLENCHED. But we all have tools to handle moments like these: breath, mindfulness, etc.” …

Except, as we know, there’s a small problem with all this — that she wasn’t in the Capitol building at the time, she was in her office, in the Cannon Office Building, about a half a mile away. Her “experience” allegedly consisted of claiming she was frightened by a police officer who came to evacuate her to another building. She wasn’t “trapped” by anyone, much less with “no way out.” She even smeared the officer who came to help her, claiming he was dealing with her with all this “anger and hostility.” As Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) who had a nearby office noted, there were no rioters near their office hall. AOC then had a meltdown that Mace dared to bust her narrative.


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Okay, so AOC wasn’t actually there. But she was with her colleagues in spirit. Just like the time she was at the border fence crying over kids in cages. She wasn’t actually there, but as long as you are there in spirit it’s okay. Just like Bill “felt our pain”. Just like Hillary, “What, at this point, does it matter?” brushing off outrage from the right.

Pelosi missed a great opportunity to show some real leadership and compassion. She could have invited the protestors into the gallery and then said, “We get it that you are angry. What do you really want us to do?” And then she could have SHUT UP and listened, urging her colleagues to do the same. She could have bought some time for police reinforcements to have arrived.

Yeah, right. Real leadership. Ha ha.


At this point only those who live in caves are unaware of the massive evidence that the election was stolen. Even the grinning talking heads on TV who dutifully spout the party line and say that Biden won know they are lying and know we know that they are lying. This kangaroo court is a charade to buy time, hide the crime and distract the public. Behind the scenes many Democrats who MUST go along with this and lie to our faces are a little concerned that there may be a price to pay down the line. There will be a what did you know and when did you know it moment.

Also at some time in the future those men and women who are locked up in DC gulag will get to tell their stories. Books will be written about how Nancy Pelosi made a corrupt DOJ lock up innocent grandmas who were tortured just so she could cover up a stolen election and “maybe” put Trump in jail. The truth will come out and it won’t be pretty. The real insurrection was Nov 4 not Jan 6.


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