13 Jun 2022

“What Is a Woman?” Trailer



The entire Dr. Forcier Interview has to be seen. This woman is a classic example of the abundantly-credentialed, comfortably-ensconced-in-the-cushiest-parts-of-the-National Establishment incredibly demented nincompoop.

National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center Faculty:

“Michelle Forcier, MD, MPH

Michelle Forcier is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Assistant Dean of Admissions at the Brown University Alpert Medical School. She received her medical degree from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Pediatric residency at University of Utah, obtained a Master’s in Public Health and completed a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars fellowship and Preventive Medicine residency at the University of North Carolina. She has been providing adolescent health services, specializing in sexual health care since 1997.

Her professional background has focused on sexual health issues including: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth with a focus on gender nonconforming youth, puberty blockers and hormones; contraception and advanced family planning; pediatric and adolescent gynecology; and transition medicine for older youth with complex medical problems. She has been involved in medical education and training at Brown University, Northwestern University and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill for over 15 years.”

2 Feedbacks on "“What Is a Woman?” Trailer"

Lee Also

She’s a prize. (Sarcasm, there.) She knows the buzzwords and buzz-phrases, fur sure.

When I was four, I had no idea boys and girls were different. I think I went though a period when I was very young, like around four, I wanted to be a dog. Would she have had my parents indulge me that nonsense?

God help those “hundreds of kids” she inflicts her insanity on.


The real issue is at what age should children be allowed to make irreversible decisions about their gender. Just as sex and eventual gender identity may or may not correlate at birth, children’s gender may fluctuate, and they may not even be aware of what it is. Why allow a 5 yo to make irreversible decisions when in the natural course of events, their gender identity may move back and forth multiple times before they become adults?

There are too many stories of trans people angry and upset that they were allowed (or pushed) into transitioning before they were competent at deciding what their problems were really caused by.

Nobody should be allowed to do anything except counseling before the age of 18. Then they can decide for themselves.

There is a faction of the medical community (like this lady) who seem more interested in forcing confused kids down a certain pathway. Those in that medical community should really examine whether they are manipulating these kids. It really is a form of grooming.


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