06 Jul 2022

If You Ever Owned a Sports Car…


When your gas gauge doesn’t work, you do this.

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when you have a driveshaft like that, you drive with your legs crossed.


It wasn’t a sports car. It was a 1958 VW Beetle.
I couldn’t check the gas while seated in the driver seat either.
There was a reserve tank that you opened and closed by moving a small lever near the clutch pedal.
When a couple of teenagers shared the car, you learned to not trust the reserve tank!


Actually, I learned to knuckle the tank on the old Norton before I got on the kick starter. That let me know if the beer and snacks came before or after the gas station. The sound of the “thunk” was reality.

Ran an old Volks at one time. Never trusted that twisty lever. There was no reality if I couldn’t knuckle the tank.

Lee Also

A friend of my folks had an old Crosley. It sat two, held two gallons of gas. You had to dip the tank to check how much had was in it. It got 50 miles per gallon. Which is pretty good. But I couldn’t see willingly going 100 miles in it.

Fusil Darne

A Trabant had a digital fuel gauge-you pulled the dipstick out of the tank containing two stroke mixed fuel, and the digits on the stick told you how much fuel was in the tank. Many East Germans made their final escape, when the wall fell, in a Trabant, and when they crossed the border, abandoned the thing on the side of the road.


Trabant/E Germany-

Some who were caught escaping were made to re-inact their crime and be photographed step by step, including how they hid in the automobile if one was employed- IIRC for public viewing but that seems problematic.


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