07 Aug 2022

The Age of Relativism

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β€œIt depends on what the meaning of the word β€˜is’ is.” — William Jefferson Clinton.

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While it is true that words change and gain meanings over time. This does not usually come by mandate from the top down. Vocabulary grows organically, often from new words being introduced as a result of conquest. The ruling class doesn’t need to force acceptance, they just ignore the underlings. If the conquered want anything, they know they have to ask using the new language.

Now it is different. Our new ruling class is rapidly conquering the rest of us and they are doing with with the willing acceptance of the quislings surrounding them. Those of us that resist are not pitied, we are openly scorned, cancelled, harassed, litigated and bashed. And it’s getting worse. It’s going to take some influential people either in position or in numbers or both, to stand up and say enough.


Wikipedia…Yuk. When I was a professor, I would not accept any paper that used Wikipedia as a reference. My small contribution to the world!


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