14 Aug 2022

This Week in Cartoons


Steven Hayward’s selection here. One from me above.

One Feedback on "This Week in Cartoons"


This is one of those things that worries me the most. Years ago dirty politicians had the good sense to hide their crimes and deny everything. Today we all see it, may that’s because of the internet, we all know what they did/do. But yet they get up in front of the camera proud as shit and lie to pour face and even smirk while doing it. Pelosi does this about everything. Garland is more old school and would have kept hidden but was forced to take the podium, he’s new to lying to our face and smirking at us while he does it. He’s been the sneaky kind all his life. But the thing that worries me is they seem totally unafraid (except of Trump) and it gives me the feeling that it is too late, they have won, we are all owned by them lock , stock and barrel. Demonstrate against them and you face a biased DC courtroom where you get two years in jail for simply being in the same town where protestors demonstrated. It’s over, we just don’t all seem to realize it yet.


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