10 Sep 2022

The Geopolitical Future According to Peter Zeihan

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“[China’s Chairman Xi] combines the worst characteristics of Barack Obama and Donald Trump.”

Wikipedia in Peter Zeihan.

interesting stuff via Vanderleun.

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“worst characteristics of Barack Obama and Donald Trump.”

I could list a dozen or more of Obama’s worst characteristics but zero for Trump. I know a lot of people really dislike his abrasiveness but I chalk that up to him loudly being right. Nothing is worse for a politicians or a true lefty than someone loudly speaking truth. Therefore bans from social media and fake truth commissions. Imagine if what Trump was saying that so offended them was provably wrong, they would trumpet his mistakes and stupidity from the rooftops instead of banning him. He was only banned because he was right and they were wrong… on everything!

bob sykes

Don’t ask me to watch an hour-long video. I won’t do it. Video presentations are too damn slow. There are apps that produce transcripts for videos. Give me a transcript.

PS. ONEGUY is right. Trump spoke truth to power. I’m 79 years old. Trump was the only President in my lifetime to represent me.

PPS. The quote under the link proves Zeihan is an idiot.


I tend to feel the same way. I always wished they’d just type it out.


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