12 Sep 2022



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One can only hope.

bob sykes

The Battle of the Bulge was hugely successful for the Germans, too. The same situation applies here. Ukraine doesn’t have the forces to defeat Russia, even on its own territory.

The territory gained by the Ukraine is actually quite small 70 or 80 km by 20 or 30 km. This puts the AFU in a very exposed position.

By the way, the region in question was held by the Donbas militias, not the Russians. So far the Russians have been trying to do this war on the cheap. We made the same mistake in Iraq after we defeated the Iraqi army. Iraq has never been stabilized, and has become a quagmire. Russia is looking at a similar problem.


You are rooting for the bad guys.


Lambs to the slaughter.
Hopefully this will wake up the Russians to finish this thing quickly.


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