08 Jan 2023

Armed Citizen, Houston

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Slay News:

A Texas man refused to become another victim and turned the tables on an armed thug who was robbing him and other customers in a Houston restaurant.

The customer at Houston Taqueria had enough of the out-of-control crime in this country.

Thankfully, the customer was armed and was able to put an end to the robber’s reign of terror.

The criminal made a fatal mistake when he robbed the restaurant’s customers late Thursday night in Southwest Houston.

According to Houston police, an armed man wearing a mask entered the restaurant and demanded money and wallets from the customers.

In the video [above], you can see the gunman approach each customer pointing his gun in their faces and demanding their money and property.

Some customers scrambled for cover while others threw up their hands afraid the robber would open fire.

Customers can be seen throwing money at the armed robber, while others place their wallets and cell phones on the table which the robber snatches in quick, greedy motions.

You can see the hero customer get ready to make a move a few times too at the bottom of the screen before calmly waiting for the right moment to end the robber’s night.

After collecting money from the customers, the crook made his way to the door and turned his back on the hero customer who was armed and waiting.

Big mistake.

The customer shot the robber dead and then collected all the stolen money and handed it back to the stunned victims.

That shooter was a cold customer. He took no chances. There was no fair fight about it. He just waited and shot the robber dead from behind.

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Since robbers today are likely to shoot victims anyway, it is a reasonable precaution.


The full video is available elsewhere.

Can public executions far behind?


The less functional the legal/judicial system becomes, the more likely crime victims will just met out their own punishment.

Soros DA’s should note that, if they really cared about criminal justice. But since it is likely they don’t, and just want to sow chaos in society, the same should happen to them. Families of crime victims will hunt them down.


“The Soros DA’s should note that”

Understand that THIS is exactly what Soros wants. More of this will put more sub 100 IQ people into the camp of overturning the 2nd amendment. The great reset cannot happen in a country where the citizens have more weapons than the government. The purpose of Soros’s meddling is to create chaos and the purpose of the chaos is to facilitate the takeover of our government by the left/socialist/communists. Simple as that. Create enough chaos and the Great Unwashed will be begging for Marshal Law. After it is done you will be able to look back and clearly see every step they took to take your country from you. BUT, you won’t even be allowed to say it out loud. Good luck comrade!

Seattle Sam

If this had happened in Seattle, they would have made him pay reparations to the robber’s friends.


guy had an airsoft or similar.


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