14 Jan 2023

Trump Being Trump

Donald Trump was deposed in connection with a civil lawsuit brought by a woman named E. Jean Carroll. The former president has been accused by Jean Carroll of sexual assault, her claims first surfacing back in 2019.

Ely Bonchie, at Rby the State, was mightily amused reading the transcript.

There’s long been a concern among Trump’s lawyers that putting him in a deposition is a bit like putting a rabid raccoon in a crib with a baby. Doing that just isn’t going to end well, but in this case, the former president was left with no choice, having been ordered by the judge to appear. Sure enough, it was vintage Trump, and that shot at Biden in which he’s bragging about having written a statement himself is an instant classic.

He didn’t stop there either. In other parts of the deposition, Trump threatens to sue the other lawyer, because why not?

HT: Karen L. Myers.


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