19 Feb 2023

Since Russia’s So Busy in Ukraine…

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I dunno! I don’t see this happening, at least not as China and Russia are armed today. There is zero doubt that China would use nukes if their homeland is invaded. China has man power but not enough nukes. I hope they do it would bring our two enemies into war against each other, but on the other hand once the dogs of war are loosed I see no way we wouldn’t get dragged into it.

I think China has it’s “expansion” eyes on the Philippines and India. Later on Australia and New Zealand. Japan should be worried too. And of course Africa… well the entire world really.

john moore

China has been carrying out a de-facto annexation for years with uncontrolled cross border settlement in remote areas.


Oops! I meant “There is zero doubt that Russia would use nukes if their homeland is invaded.”

Fusil Darne

Would get in the way of BRICs. We have politicians in power that are too stupid to think beyond their next ice cream cone, thus, the war with us will be a sweet, short one that doesn’t involve firing a shot.
Think gold backed currency.
Think the end of the petro dollar.
Think of the staggering debt accumulated in the past four years.
Think of the crushing of the economy to match an expectation of lower energy use.
Think in those terms, and the catastrophe that is coming to the US, without our enemies firing a shot, will make a nuclear exchange between Russia and China seem like just another Tuesday afternoon.


All true! But as a child of the 50’s I remember in 1955 in the 6th grade We did a duck and cover drill, I got in trouble because when the sirens sounded I got up and looked out the window. But we have had generations of peace (for us at least in America) since WW II and almost everyone alive today thinks that is the norm. It isn’t! It is an aberration brought to you by lives of brave men taken in WW II and dedicated protectors since then. But not now. Do you think our army today is your father’s or grandfather’s army? Or the navy or marines or air force? They are not, they are a shadow of their former self. And that is by intent. We, America, is being set up. Trillion$ are being spent to prop up our Potemkin economy and country to keep us all docile. The FBI isn’t investigating the Right because we are a danger to our country and the world they are doing it exactly because THEY are a danger to our country and the world and the Right are the only people actually saying that.

So what! What difference does it make at this point? Well, one day, maybe soon, no one really knows. But one day you will wake up to hear that America was attacked with nuclear weapons or more likely you will see and hear it yourself, depending on where you live. What then? As the fallout slowly drifts over you and seals you fate to die horribly over a period of weeks, what then?

In 1968 in the middle of nowhere-West-Texas at 2 AM a man on the side of the road flagged me down. He had a flat tire and no spare and no coat and no water and was desperate. No planning was his problem. I stopped and helped him. I had a tire repair kit and found the hole and plugged it. I had a tire pump with me and after 10 minutes of effort was able to seat the tire bead and pump up his tire and get it back on his car. He said he want to pay me but didn’t have any money, LOL. Totally unprepared! Just exactly as you, and I will be when the first nuclear missile strikes. No one is coming to save you! If you survive you will huddle behind or under something until thirst and hunger sends you out to find drink and food. But in the meantime the roentgens will keep counting the exposure to fallout until your dose exceeds the amount required to kill you and you will begin a suffering lingering death. Your family too as you watch.
Will you then finally understand what your leaders have done to us all, some of it with full knowledge and intent and some with simple greed and stupidity? DO you see our Southern border? How many of those tens of thousands daily are spies saboteurs or soldiers? Did you see the turtle (Mitch McConnell) on TV telling us we need to spend more in Ukraine fighting the Russians. Have you ever heard old Mitch say diddly squat about our Southern border?
It’s coming folks. Seriously, it’s all coming home to roost.


China and Russia are essentially allies at the moment, so I doubt China is interested in antagonizing Russia when their real focus is on Taiwan. Russia is doing the CCP a favor by keeping the West pinned down in the Ukraine.


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