09 Mar 2023

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini — Glory to Ukraine!)

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Timofei Shadura


A Ukrainian soldier who was filmed by Russian troops being executed by firing squad had been missing since early February, Ukrainian authorities revealed Tuesday.

Timofei Shadura was seen in a video circulated by Russian propagandists earlier this week. Upon being told he was being filmed, Shadura appeared ready to meet his fate—he stood and faced his executioners, and, taking one last drag from a cigarette, said, “Glory to Ukraine!”

His killers, who were all out of view of the camera, immediately opened fire with machine guns, before the unknown cameraman bitterly said, “Die, bitch.”

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry on Tuesday said Shadura had been among troops fending off a Russian takeover of Bakhmut. He was declared missing on Feb. 3 after intense fighting in the area.

“Revenge will be inescapable,” the commander of Ukraine’s 30th Separate Mechanized Brigade said.


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bob sykes

The Russian are the good guys. The Americans, as always, are the bad guys. And the Ukronazis are the tools.


Let me guess. He was executed on Snake Island by the Ghost of Kiev.


sickening. the thought of dying to advance the cause of the globohomo, degenerate loving, satan worshipping, child molesting, nwo is sickening beyond words


Congratulations! You win the stupidest comment I’ve read all year award.


Where do you get this “Satan-worshipping,” “child-molesting” bullshit?


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