26 Jul 2023

The Mystery of RFK Jr.’s Neckties

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An awful lot in the life of a nation depends upon Fate. At any given time, Destiny may or may not have delivered to either or even both parties struggling for political power the kind of leader who can be elected.

When one party or the other is reduced to candidates wholly lacking that certain special quality, that combination of good looks, speaking ability, personal stature, and charm we expect in a president, that unlucky party and its supporters are staring electoral doom in the face.

in 1980, the priggish scold Jimmy Carter wound up facing a veritable demigod in the person of Ronald Reagan. I was shopping in a used record store on 7th Street in NYC, and overheard a couple of old Jewish radicals building themselves up to pull the GOP lever for the first time in their lives. “Reagan was head of a labor union.” observed the first reassuringly. “And, you’re right! You know, I’ve heard he was a communist back in the 1930s.” added the second. It was easy to predict that Carter would wind up a smoking hole.

Our turn came in 2008. George W. Bush failed to participate in the defense of his own foreign police, and was leaving office in disgrace. The market crashed six weeks before the election. And, there we were: running wrinkly, geriatric, and inarticulate John McCain (who was not even our guy) against the Magic Negro who talked like a smooth Ivy Leaguer, whose election would, it seemed to the public in general, heal America’s racial divide forever, and whom the worshipping and adoring media puffed up to a level of popularity resembling the Beatles in 1965.

So, this year, the unlucky democrats have senile Joe Biden whose popularity in office is getting to resemble that of the Asian Flu, and whose gross financial chicanery and corrupt abuses of power become more evident every day. Kamala, ugly, inarticulate, rancidly leftist, and dumb as a rock is basically useless as an alternative. When democrats think further down the list of possible candidates: Hillary again! Michelle Obama! they shudder with good reaon.

So, along comes the dark horse from Ancient Camelot. None other that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

In his favor is the fact that he is a maverick and an outsider. Personally, I like the fact that he is a keen falconer. However, he is, alas! a tree-hugging enviro whackjob, a back-to-the-Stone-Age, Luddite friend of Greta’s. He has also got a major bee in his bonnet about Coronavirus vaccines. So, he’s crazy like a Berkeley, California beatnik as well as crazy like a fever-swamp-dwelling Alt-Right buddy of Pat Buchanan, all at the same time.

But he’s working this gravel-voiced Mr.-Smith-Goes-to-Washington shtick that is not entirely ineffective. You can just bet that the K Street back room pros are soiling their drawers at the prospect of him as a spoiler Third Party candidate.

He has one other really interesting and distinctive signature feature, which I think needs real investigation.

It may be part of some kind of deliberate and calculated Mr. Smith act, but every time we see him, he’s wearing a worn and gnarly, incredibly narrow, early 1960s vintage club tie. If you watch “Dr. No” (1962), you’ll see James Bond wearing similarly narrow ties.

The one in the photo above, forsooth! has a Skull-and-Crossbones emblem. RFK Jr. went to Hahvahd, so he cannot possibly be a member of a certain society headquartered on High Street in New Haven.

And, he’s clearly got more than one necktie of the same vintage. He himself was born in 1954, so it’s hard to imagine that he was shopping at J. Press when he was between 6 and 11 years old. By around 1966, the music had changed, boys were growing long hair, and ties were growing much more generously wide.

So, we have a mystery here. Is it possible that RFK Jr. is such a hippie dippy boho pothead that he never ever bought a necktie of his own while at Georgetown Prep or Harvard or as an adult? Has he laid hands on some New Frontier Yale man’s antique tie collection? If so, who could it be? Sargent Shriver went to Yale, but he was Keys, not Bones. I’m not aware of any special connection to John Kerry, and I just can’t picture Kerry holding on to early’60s ties.

If any readers of mine are journalists attending RFK Jr. press events, do ask about the ties! Inquiring minds want to know.

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It is a long time until November 2024. Things will happen. Joe Biden will drop out in a way that can allow Democrats to feel bad for good old Joe. It might be illness, or a fall that cripples him, it could even be death (who’s watching Hillary?). And Gavin Newsome (who doesn’t want the job don’tcha know) will be coerced to run for President. RFK Jr. will either see the light and drop out (i.e. get’s paid off) or will sudden be accused of rape or something and will not be a factor. August is a perfect month for these “unexpected” events to play out, no one is in DC or reporting the news. My best guess is middle of August old Joe will take a tumble and it will be a serious head injury (wink, wink) and the MSM will be sad and forgiving of all his past Faux Pas’s and no one will be interested in his crimes, and magically Newsome will be at his side in the hospital and lean down and old Joe will whisper in his ear and Newsome will come out and declare his candidacy. Immediately the MSM will forget everything except how perfect Newsome is. I’ll bet good money on this.


FYI, Most of my neckties I inherited from my father when he retired from corporate management. And now that I’m retired, my boys have virtually no use for neckties in their careers.

As for RFKJr’s thoughts about mRNA vaccines, I’d have to say he’s more believable than the so-called “authorities” at this point. The bad news about the long term negative side effects keeps growing. The vaccinated seem to have a death sentence hanging over them, or at least an impaired health future.

I’m less swayed by his critiques of other vaccines, but he’s raising questions that really haven’t been adequately addressed by a pharmaceutical industry and medical establishment that clearly doesn’t care that much. If not childhood vaccines, what is impacting the rising rates of autism? Nobody seems to have an answer, so all theories are still worthy.

His desire to imprison people who don’t buy into the climate change scam is also a strong negative. But it hardly distinguishes him from the other Leftist politicians.

And I’d say his thoughts about gun control are incoherent and seemingly in flux. But that’s typical political expediency, showing he is not to be trusted. What a surprise.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the consternation and chaos he’s sowing in Democratic ranks. Pass the popcorn.


I am 80 YO. I have over the years seen a few autistic children. They required full time care and were a danger to themselves. In the past 20, 30, 40 years or so Autism has been redefined. Today an autistic person can hold a job, get married, be a TV personality. There is probably more than one reason for this but the biggest reason is money. Federal spending and lawyers. If that ended today the numbers of autistic people would collapse. Do vaccines cause autism? I doubt it. People are born autistic it just coincidentally happens to be diagnosable about the same time as the vaccines are given to babies. Do vaccines cause health issues? Yes, but think about a vaccine that saves a million lives a year but causes 1000 people to have mild to moderate health issues. What do you think the choice should be?

None of this changes the fact that RFK Jr is a nut and should never be allowed near our government or machinery.

Hairless Joe

When we were in high school my brother had a friend who used to get wide ties–huge ones–from thrift shops. Our school insisted on “jackets and ties for the guys” so we had a good collection of really outlandish cravats dating from that period in the late ’40s when they the thing. I’m waiting for them to come back.

Regarding RFK’s choice of neckwear, who knows what he’s thinking (if anything)? BTW Ralph Nader was another one who always wore pathetic, emaciated little ties. In his case, I think was just part of the schtick.

joe anon

The data suggests the rise in autism has nothing to do with “redefining” what it is. I can’t put my hands on the reference for that, but I am willing to believe that it is true and has been investigated until someone can prove otherwise.

Admitting something is actually happening and not just trying to find a rationalization to ignore the issue is the first step in actually investigating.

Don’t confuse autism with Asperger’s … though they may be related or just different places on the spectrum.

“Yes, but think about a vaccine that saves a million lives a year but causes 1000 people to have mild to moderate health issues. What do you think the choice should be?”

The choice should always be the individual’s choice, unless you are a Nazi doctor. It’s called the Nuremberg Code. Note that we rarely have the information about a vaccine, particularly a new one, that the above statement presupposes that we have.


“In our paper, we combined empirical risk-benefit assessment and ethical analysis,” Bardosh explained. “We estimated that to prevent one COVID-19 hospitalization over a 6-month period, between 31,000–42,000 young adults aged 18–29 years would have to receive a third mRNA vaccine,” he continued. “But this would mean that for each hospitalization prevented with these booster mandates, at least 18.5 serious adverse events from mRNA vaccines would occur, including 1-5 booster-associated myopericarditis cases in males (typically requiring hospitalization).”

Alex Crespo

This article made my day. I found it whilst trying to look for “RFK Jr” news on Google. The Legacy Gatekeeper media is really trying their best to starve his campaign of any attention at this point. I noticed the same thing about RFKs ties—I zoomed in on one of them in a photo to make out what it was— it appeared to be a rhino sneezing (???) Take a look…https://www.pasadenastarnews.com/2023/04/16/rfk-jr-would-make-a-terrible-president/amp/

Alex Crespo

RFK Jr is not a nut. Aside from his pedigree, he is just like many of us Americans: we want answers; answers that have been withheld on purpose.

Kim Mancha

I’ve noticed and commented on his tie situation. I posited that maybe it is an hommage of some sort… maybe to his dad or uncle or both? *shrug* just adds to his quirky appeal.


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