07 Oct 2023

Time to Eliminate Hamas Once and For All

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Some religion these people have.

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[…] Never Yet Melted says it’s time to eliminate Hamas once and for all […]


This will continue at least until the Palestinians are citizens of either their own country or Israel.


Most “Palestinians” are from Syria. The only people that can truly trace their living in that area for thousands of years are jews and a few unidentified nomads.

The solution is for the “Palestinians” to go to Syria or another Arab country with similar customs and religion and to finally leave the Jewish homeland.

This particular attack is so heinous that I fully expect the retaliation to be devastating to the “Palestinians” AND I would expect Iran and a couple other terrorists supporting countries in the region to join is and get their asses handed to them as well. It will not be a small or quick war in my opinion, Israel will suffer too but at this point they have no other choice than to defend their homeland and they will!!

A. Squaretail

With all due respect to the previous poster, the Palestinians do have a country. That country just invaded Israel, murdered civilians, including children and raped women. That country will now be treated much as the Allies treated Germany and Japan. It and its perverted culture don’t deserve such lenient treatment.

Fusil Darne

I’m firmly convinced that if the Jewish state were moved to the moon, they would work on solving the problems of living on the moon, and be successful. I’m also convinced that some middle Eastern tribe would be plotting how to kill the successful Jews on the moon, from earth.
I’m also firmly convinced that the Jews on the moon would vote for liberals that screwed everything up, and who would invite the Arab tribe to slaughter them, on the moon.
They deserve each other.


The only way to stop this is the elimination of ALL islams. Leave one alive and they will find a way to kill you. This would work if the human race of the West would do this. Or isolation from all contact from the rest of humanity until none of this are left to make new terrorists. Or until islam is never used as a religion to BLM, Burn, Loot, Murder.


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