20 Feb 2024

Somalia Has Its Own Representative in the US Congress


You probably thought Ilhan Omar represented the 5th District of Minnesota. Obviously, you were wrong. She explains in her speech (in Somali) that, really, she represents the 1st District of Somalia.

American Patriot Daily summarized the controversy.

Ilhan Omar aroused ire both at home and abroad for a crazed speech she delivered where critics contend she professed her loyalty to the Somali state and came out in support of terrorist ideology.

Omar – referring to the United States as “they” and Somalia as “our” – ranted that “the US government will only do what Somalians in the US tell them to do. They must do what we want and nothing else. They must follow our orders and that is how we will safeguard the interest of Somalia.”

“The US is a country where one of your daughters is in Congress to represent your interest,” Omar exclaimed. “For as long as I am in the US Congress, Somalia will never be in danger, its waters will not be stolen by Ethiopia or others … Sleep in comfort, knowing I am here to protect the interests of Somalia from inside the US system.”

Omar then declared that “we will liberate the occupied territories” of Djibouti, Somaliland, and Kenya’s North Eastern Province.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis heard enough and wrote that Omar’s public profession of loyalty to Somalia over the United States should be enough for the government to strip her citizenship and deport her.

“Expel from Congress, denaturalize and deport!” DeSantis wrote on X.

Even more disturbing, Somaliland Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Rhoda J. Elmi condemned Omar’s “ethno-racist” language and warned her comments are giving aid and comfort to a violent ideology responsible for death and destruction in the region.

“Her expressions were lacking in common decency and revealed a significant lack of understanding of basic facts. Specifically troubling, were her endeavors to revive the once-violent and dangerous ideology of Greater Somalia or Somali Weyn, which caused so much death, destruction and conflict in the Horn of Africa,” Elmi wrote on Twitter.

Elmi called on Congress to take action against Omar.

“We hope the house leadership and her caucus will take note of her public conduct, unbecoming a United States Congresswoman nor representative of the august house she serves in,” Elmi added.

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This is essentially how most of the “tribal” immigrants feel and most of the Muslims regardless of the country they came from. The U.S. government was pushed into uncontrolled immigration by Democrats back in the 60’s so that they could expand their voter base. It is now our national nightmare. Sooner or later each immigrant tribal group will cause friction/fight with the multi-generational citizens and will likely become open warfare. The problem is simply they don’t consider themselves to be American but rather some hyphenated version of American AND they consider “Americans” to be the enemy. We see this in France, Germany, UK and much of Europe now, it will get worse. The West made a terrible mistake allowing immigration from third world countries and that piper will be paid but NOT with the blood of those who made the mistake but rather with the blood of the grandchildren of those who made that mistake. Some will disagree, preferring the “can’t we all get along” mantra. But the answer to that is very easy to see and hear by simply watching and listening to any Palestinian or pro-Palestinian tell you how they feel about the Jews and Israel.

We adults have doomed our grandchildren and their children to civil war and terrorism until one side or the other is completely victorious. It was so easy to prevent; all we had to do was not allow any immigration from third world hell holes.


I thought that they had to take an oath to be seated in Congress. She probably just forgot that.


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