31 May 2024

A Very Bad Day For America

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Richard Nixon was obviously guilty, but he was never prosecuted. President Ford acted on behalf of the general feeling of the country in simply pardoning him and letting him go.

Would anybody seriously claim that William Jefferson Clinton never paid hush money to any bimbos?

James Comey said that Hillary Clinton broke the law broke the law by her mishandling of classified information, but chose not to prosecute her.

Special counsel Robert Hur also admitted that Joe Biden, too, broke the same law, but decided Biden should not be prosecuted because he is an “elderly man with a poor memory.”

I’ve never seen half the country so angry.

John Hinderaker is a prominent Minnesota attorney and a Dartmouth graduate, not any kind of crazy extremist.

Yesterday, he wrote:

“the Democrats understand nothing except the raw exercise of power. Therefore, Republican attorneys general and district attorneys should bring criminal charges against Democratic officeholders wherever possible. No Democratic officeholder should be allowed to retire, in any jurisdiction with Republican law enforcement, without facing criminal charges. There can’t be a single Democratic official in America against whom a criminal case can’t be brought that is better than this case against Trump. It should be open season on Democrats in the criminal courts..”


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Glypto Dropem

“I’ve never seen half the country so angry.”

Those are only the vocal ones we know about. They are many more like me seething with rage in the background, fearful of emboldened Commies in government thinking they can get away with ANYTHING now. What they will find are common folks willing to dish out extreme violence and spill a lot of blood to first exact revenge, then try to restore The Republic.

God help us.


The problem is -as you’ve probably seen on FB- that we’re still playing by the rules and the Democrats have thrown them out two decades ago.


Nixon was guilty of trying to hide something that would hurt his reelection chances. But he did not authorize or even know about the stupid break-in of the Democrat headquarters. But why did they break in? Because one of the secretaries at the Democrat hdqtrs told her friend that the Democrats were using prostitutes to bribe and then using that to extort them into doing what the Democrats wanted. Nixon didn’t break any law, some low level hacks did.

It’s popular to point out that Nixon even said on tape that he would use the IRS to harm his opposition but in fact what Nixon actually said was that both JFK and Johnson did exactly that and got away with it and if he were to try that he would be prosecuted.

But, but the cover-up! Yeah, imagine that. I politician tries to keep harmful information from the public. How many times did JFK, Johnson, Clinton(s), Obama and Biden do that?

But what about everything John Mitchell said? John Mitchell was Nixon’s Michael Cohen. For whatever reason Mitchell decided to throw Nixon under the bus. Mitchell had something else going on that was covered up in return for him politically assassinating Nixon.

But what about Deep Throat? Yeah, a sketchy FBI agent with a grudge and very little actual incriminating information.

But the two reporters did a great job, right? Well, except that Bob Woodward was a CIA operative and Nixon was trying to limit the CIA’s power and we all know how that worked out for JFK. Yeah! The reporters were part of the scam.

So what, exactly, did Nixon do that was different from all his predecessors that was illegal??? I’ll wait…


The very best strategy for playing “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” is tit-for-tat. Traitors must be punished for their treason, or they will continue to betray.

Bad actions must have painful consequences for the lesson to be learned. If there are no consequences, a very different lesson is learned by the miscreant.


Broadly speaking, democrats belong with the Huns throughout history. Such people are at your feet, or at your throat – that’s their nature. Before it’s too late we must find the guts to push back…hard!


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