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12 Aug 2022

IRS Recruiting!

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The Babylon Bee details the 17 qualifications they’re looking for:

Must be a U.S. citizen

Minimum education: Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting

5 years of Krav Maga martial arts experience

Maintain a level of fitness necessary to perform a chokehold until a tax delinquent is subdued and/or dead …

Cheered for Agent Smith in The Matrix …

Passionate about auditing Etsy moms selling crafts just trying to make ends meet

Fluent in German, goose-stepping experience is a plus …

Previous waterboarding experience

Pass a psychological exam to determine if you sympathize with the government while watching Jason Bourne movies

Looking for the type that shoots first and does the math later …



And whom will they be going after? You, Mr. & Mrs. Small Business Owners.
NY Post:

A key provision in the Inflation Reduction Act — which throws an extra $80 billion to the IRS to improve the agency’s collection of under-reported income — will end up targeting small business owners to pay for the legislation, according to nonpartisan watchdog the Joint Committee on Taxation.

The group estimates that between 78% and 90% of the estimated additional $200 billion the IRS will collect will come from small businesses making less than $200,000 annually.

Just 4% to 9% would come from businesses making north of $500,000 a year — meaning the legislation is in sharp contrast to President Biden’s longstanding claim that he wouldn’t raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000.

“The IRS will have to target small and medium businesses because they won’t fight back,” Joe Hinchman, executive vice president at National Taxpayers Union Foundation, told The Post. “We’ve seen this play out before … the IRS says ‘We’re going after the rich’ but when you’re trying to raise that much money, the rich can only get you so far.”

11 Aug 2022

What a Fraud!

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Democrat Colorado Senator Michael Bennet is running for re-election, and this campaign ad depicts the Senator as a real Colorado outdoorsman and fly fisherman.

Watch carefully, and you’ll see that he has no idea of how to fish. And what the video fails to tell you is that Bennet purchased a 24-hour fishing license specifically to make the ad.

Fox News

10 Aug 2022

Welcome to the Banana Republic!


Dark Brandon.

Emerald Robinson notes that the Brandon Administration crossed the Rubicon and the days of the Constitutional Republic are over. Now we’re a country in which the government in power weaponizes law enforcement to proscribe opponents.

The United States is no longer a constitutional republic — but you knew that already if you’ve been paying any attention at all. The idea that the FBI should raid the home of a former president because some “records are missing from the archives” — Trump’s not fully in compliance with the Presidential Records Act! — is a charge so thin that it might as well be anorexic. We have long since passed the stage at which any excuses can be made for our national security state “public servants.” The mask has slipped. They mean to be our hidden rulers — they mean to pick and choose America’s public officials and politicians for the public — permanently.

The Biden regime is a tyranny, but it’s one that still needed the make-up and dress of a democracy to survive. Our election system is rigged, but our “selected” public officials were still desperate to hide the cheating.

No more.

The FBI and the DOJ just crossed the Rubicon. The Biden regime is going to arrest its political opponents on fabricated charges to avoid defeat in future elections. The Democrats are seizing power — and they don’t care if you notice now.

Welcome to the Banana Republic of Biden.


10 Aug 2022

Just Wait Until After the November Election, Dems

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09 Aug 2022

The Wit and Wisdom of Sergeant Stan W. Scott

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Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Knife.


We all went for a Burton.”

yellow jersey.. Tour de France






“Those who abjure violence can only do so because others are committing
violence on their behalf.”
 –George Orwell, “Notes on Nationalism (1945)”

08 Aug 2022

87,000 More IRS Agents!

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Well, Manchin and Sinema sold out and the democrats (with Vice President Harris voting to break the tie) successfully passed their hilariously-named “Inflation Reduction Bill.”

Beyond the deluge of dollars going to regulate the planet’s climate and to fund every left-wing cause, there is one other really key detail, which Raheem Kassam puts into the correct perspective. Read it, and look forward to your own next audit.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) commissioner Charles P. Rettig told Congress his agency wouldn’t increase audits on households earning less than $400,000 after being handed circa 87,000 more agents in the Orwellianly-monikered Inflation Reduction Act hurried through the U.S. Congress this weekend.

Which means they absolutely will be doing that, if historical promises by agency heads in front of the lawmakers they pretend to answer to are anything to go by. And they are.

In other words, they just used your taxes to increase your taxes so they could hire 87,000 IRS agents to rifle further through your taxes in case you owe more taxes.

IRS estimates (which we know are always excellent) reveal supposedly uncollected taxes of around $1trn each year. Or, as I like to call it, one-eighth of a “war on terror.”

Can you imagine how many nuclear drag queens, beagle experiments, or foreign abortions your government could (and will) buy with that cash?

Be a sport and help keep your fellow citizens informed of this scorching hot mess of a bill:

Indeed 87,000 new IRS agents is greater than the number of people living in Biden’s home town of Wilmington, Delaware (71,000, I’m reliably informed).

Even Senator Susan Collins has pointed out this move “more than [doubles] the size of the agency and [gives] the IRS more employees than the number of Pentagon, State Department, and FBI employees as well as Border Patrol agents combined.”

Democrats have been keen to pursue this strategy of spending (your) money to make (more) money (off you) for a while. …


IRS rules, like all regulations, are commonly ambiguous when applied to reality. If interpreted in your favor, hurrah! you get a tax deduction. Interpreted the other possible way, you cheated the government, you owe taxes and penalties.

The auditing process works like this. The regional office sends out the auditor. His or her job in reality consists of making the IRS money by interviewing you, going over your return with a fine tooth comb, disallowing deductions you took, and assigning interest, possibly along with penalties. The auditor is not your friend. He has a job to do, i.e. he is there to get more money out of you.

You can play it two ways. You can get indignant, stand up for your rights as a free American, argue with his decisions and pledge to fight, or you can appear confused, innocent, and dismayed. “How could I have made such a mistake?” If you are humble, cooperative, and apologetic, you’ll wind up paying the disallowed deductions plus interest. If you are hostile and belligerent, that auditor will look again and find more ways to screw you over, and you’ll get penalties on top of that interest. If you are enough of a pain in the ass, they’ll prosecute you and put you in jail.

An awful lot of Americans, not far down the road, are going to experience being audited for the first time.

07 Aug 2022

The Age of Relativism

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It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” — William Jefferson Clinton.

07 Aug 2022

40 People Got on the Bus to NYC, 14 Got Off When It Arrived

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The remaining 14 arrive.

NY Post:

Even border crossers are too scared of the crime-ridden Big Apple.

Mayor Adams tried to greet the latest bus load of migrants to get shipped in from Texas early Sunday — but was horrified to find the vast majority had already skipped, admitting it was likely through “fear” of the city.

“We were led to believe about 40 people should have been on that bus. Only 14 got off,” said Adams, whom The Post caught having heated words with an organizer during the alarming, unexpected 7 a.m. no-show at Midtown’s Port Authority Bus Terminal.


06 Aug 2022

Jim Corbett’s Maneaters

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In the London Spectator, Neil Clark defies contemporary political correctness by recommending the classic hunting books of maneater-eliminator par excellence Jim Corbett.

I was reminded of Corbett and his wonderful books when reading last week that human-assaulting tigers are once again on the prowl in Nepal, with 104 attacks and 62 people killed in the past three years. Conservation efforts have seen tiger numbers rise three-fold since 2010, but with that good news comes the bad news of increased danger to humans. In March a tiger believed to have killed five people was captured in western Nepal. Meanwhile in India, a tigress apparently responsible for two deaths was captured in June.

So the man-eaters are back, though the terror from the current wave does thankfully seem less than in the days of Corbett. ‘No curfew order has ever been more strictly enforced, and more implicitly obeyed, than the curfew imposed by the man-eating leopard of Rudraprayag,’ he wrote. During the hours of daylight, life continued more or less as normal. But at night, ‘an ominous silence brooded over the whole area’. Little wonder. For eight long years, between 1918 and 1926, the 50,000 inhabitants of Garhwal in the United Provinces of northern India, and the 60,000 Hindu pilgrims who passed through the district annually on their way to the ancient shrines at Kedarnath and Badrinath, lived in fear of the ferocious big cat that claimed the lives of 125 people.

One of the victims was a 14-year-old orphan employed to look after a flock of 40 goats. He slept with the goats in a small room. But even though the door was fastened by a piece of wood, the leopard got in, killed the poor boy and then carried him off to a deep, rocky ravine where he devoured him. The goats were left completely unscathed. A shocking story, and there are plenty more like it, but don’t worry – we can be sure that our hero Jim will ultimately stop the leopard’s reign of terror.

I first encountered Corbett’s three-volume Man-Eater series in childhood. We had copies of his books in my school library back in the mid-1970s and they were always among the most popular to borrow.

Goodness me, how those hardback editions with their pictures of snarling big cats on the cover captured our imaginations and broadened our horizons. Corbett was a great writer – ‘dramatic yet reflective’ to quote the OUP’s omnibus edition of his works – who brought the Indian Himalayas of the early 20th century vividly to life with his understated, descriptive prose.

For much of the post-war era his books on hunting the man-eating Bengal tigers and leopards of the Raj were hugely successful. More than four million copies of Man-Eaters of Kumaon had been sold worldwide by 1980. The BBC made a television version six years later. But one worries that in the 21st century, Corbett’s work is not read anything like so widely, particularly by children who would gain so much from his incredibly exciting tales.

Yes, the books involve hunting, which is now very un-PC – but it’s the hunting of bloodthirsty beasts which had claimed more than 1,500 lives between them. And aside from that, there is so much we can learn about life from Corbett’s writing.


Jim Corbett’s accounts of tracking down man-eating leopards and tigers have some pretty scary moments. I remember one scene in which Corbett is bending down in a gully examining the pugmarks of the tiger he is tracking and bits of dirt begin falling on his head. Corbett was not the only one hunting, it turns out, and his adversary is right above him.

Amazon’s Jim Corbett page.

05 Aug 2022

It Has Happened Here!

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J.B. Shurk is dead right.

The J6 political persecutions claimed another scalp when Guy Reffitt was sentenced to more than seven years in prison, even though he did not engage in any violence, nor enter the U.S. Capitol. The outrageous punishment, the longest prison term yet handed down, appears to be government retribution for Reffitt’s “hyperbolic statements” secretly recorded in his home by his teenage son. So, once again, the D.C. Despots have thrown down the gauntlet against constitutionally protected free speech.

Of all the Leviathan’s fiendish and reprehensible acts these last ten years (the IRS and DOJ’s targeting of conservatives, the Hillary-Obama-FBI Russia collusion hoax designed to take down a sitting president, the Pentagon’s forced experimental “vaccination” of servicemembers against their religious and conscientious objections, etc.), its no-holds-barred onslaught of malicious prosecutions and vengeful incarcerations against January 6 political protesters takes the cake. The government’s wildly inappropriate use of the FBI and courts to stamp out certain political speech and intimidate Americans into silence and compliance is such a blatantly un-American miscarriage of justice that it leaves me seething with anger. It can’t happen here? It has happened here. And the federal government’s vindictive and authoritarian response to January 6 only adds to the voluminously accumulating proof that Washington is filled to the brim with sadistic tyrants who would have felt right at home in Stalin’s Soviet Union.


This sort of thing happened before. The military despotism of Abraham Lincoln closed opposition newspapers, threw citizens and even elected officials into prison without charges and without trial. There were flagrant cases of unconstitutional prosecutions and detentions during WWI and WWII. But, the evil Federal Government in the former cases at least had the excuse of being at war.

The Guy Reffitt prosecution has been especially chilling. Reading about it, one wonders: where did the sick bastards come from who would use two teenage kids against their own father this way?

The Jan. 6th detentions, prosecutions, and convictions are absolutely outrageous. The only person who needed prosecuting was the Capitol Police lieutenant who murdered an unarmed middle-aged woman in cold blood.

When some Republican becomes President in January of 2025, his first order of business should be to pardon all the victims of this shameless and disgusting partisan abuse of power and the initiation of the prosecution of Lieutenant Bird and Merrick Garland and all his little Chekist friends in Joe Biden’s DOJ.

04 Aug 2022

I’d Vote For Him (Despite His Name)


04 Aug 2022

A 5th Grade Teacher’s Dilemma


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