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11 Dec 2005

What the LA Times is Not Reporting

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The LA Times is reporting that Alain Chouet, the retired chief of the French counterintelligence service, has, in an interview last week, revealed previously undisclosed exchanges between the U.S. and the French intelligence, demonstrating once again the lengths the Bush Administration was willing to go in ignoring powerful counter-evidence when it brazenly referred to attempts by the Iraqi regime to purchase uranium in Niger. Isn’t it convenient the way this wonderful new French revelation confirms what retired Ambassador Joseph Wilson, and the domestic opponents of the US invasion of Iraq, have been saying all along?

But there are some who have noted the possibility of a connection between Joe Wilson and French Intelligence, and who contend that French Intelligence may have been conducting a disinformation operation against the Bush Administration focussed on the Iraqi Niger uranium purchase for a considerable period of time.

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