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16 Jul 2021

Salmon Fishing on the Alta


Not many of us will ever get a chance to fish for salmon on the legendary Alta. The Alta, located in the remote northern Finnmark region of Norway, has produced historically 70 lb. salmon and hosted the angling expeditions of royalty. Today’s salmon are smaller, I expect, but the price of the fishing must be formidable.

It was a pleasure to see 20 minutes of views of this ultra-elite river, but I thought Michael Frodin’s use of plastic rods and hair flies was unworthy of the river. (I fish Greenheart and split-cane and traditional feather-wing flies myself.) I was also negatively impressed by the sanctimonious eco-BS condemnation of fish farming. I’d rather see the supermarkets selling farmed salmon than have migratory stocks of wild salmon reduced further by commercial fishing. It’s one or the other, boys. The world is not going to give up eating lox and poached salmon so a handful of privileged sportsman can enjoy angling for the king of fish.

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