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10 Nov 2011

America’s Quirks


Foreigners find American patriotism strange and excessive.

A writer asked Europeans what do they find different about America, and produced a massive response.

Some of the most repeated observations referred to:

Larger automobiles and drive everywhere, drive through culture. No sidewalks in some residential neighborhoods.

Overt patriotism and the American flag commonly displayed.

Lots of guns.

Unfriendly, unhelpful police (!).

Using forks differently.

Unfamiliarity with foreign countries, lack of foreign language skills, Americans not owning passports.

One of the best lines was from a Norwegian:

Everyone complains bitterly about the suckitude of government and is suspicious of it but they all follow the rules anyway even if nobody is watching.

There was also an extended debate about whether the Dutch were significantly taller in general than Americans.

It goes on forever, but it’s an interesting read.

Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

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