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06 Nov 2018

Dems May Be Angry, But…


David Prentice suspects that ordinary Americans are also angry, and that there are more of them.

[The Democrats’] rage is part scary, and part humorous. I just don’t know whether to laugh or cry on a daily basis. The left, and their media crazies, have devolved into a caricature. Part toddler, part sucker (for their own leftist PR), part self-proclaimed superior elitists, and part demon. Frankly, a sorrier state of mind hasn’t been seen on the left since the Red Guards terrorized China.

Yep, they’re mad as Hell. They’ve made that clear. Where they’re not so clear on is what they’re so angry about. The Democratic Party has not, after two years, taken the time to explain why or what their positions are. They appear to have none, other than “Trump bad.” I heard from a few overpaid pundits they have points to score on health care. Really? The party that destroyed our insurance system, the party whose leader lied for years about his health care plan, having rammed it down the throats of an unwilling electorate, and they’re supposed to have an edge?

The only real area they have an edge on is their rage. We get it. Everybody gets it. It’s the reason so many pundits have been calling for a blue wave.

But hold on, dear friends. There’s another group who is angry. And who has gotten quietly angrier as leftist insanity has made itself so visible. It’s a different anger. It’s not born of being a toddler. Or a sucker, an elitist, or a demon. It’s a slow rising, reason-driven resolve to overcome the left’s antics. It’s born of watching years and years of the leftist media getting away with their pretense of being journalists. It’s born of watching people having to unjustly fend off the serial insanity of leftist punditry, and the attack dogs of the Democratic Party.

Once again, I do believe the pollsters have missed this entirely. Partially on purpose. It’s why they were so wrong in 2016. No one is polling about the quiet, resolved, and rightful anger of the Trump voter.

But it’s there. In spades. Kavanaugh’s horrifying tribulations simply finalized it.

Given this suppressed anger, I am going to say this so-called blue wave is not real, and without substance. It’s only based on history, meaning the party in power loses in the midterms. This reporting is misplaced. Because this is not automatic.

Yes, the House is up for grabs, but the missing reporting has been on the slow, burning anger of the Republicans.

Let me describe it anecdotally. I have scores of friends who are what I call moderate Republicans. They live in different regions of the country. And without exception have offered to me just how angry they are at what the Democratic Party and the leftist media have done in the last two years. Simmering, slow roiling anger. They are highly motivated to vote, and highly motivated to punish this nasty group of leftists. What has surprised me is the unanimity and passion they have, all of them deeply affected by their anger at the media and the Democratic Party. Dozens of people, normally just living their lives quietly. And they hate what has happened. Quietly. Fervently.


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