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06 Jan 2016

Speaking of Background Checks…



06 Jan 2016

Background Checks Needed

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16 Dec 2015

“President Obama Ate One of Your Cousins. Vote Republican.”

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25 Oct 2015

Obama Vetos Defense Appropriation Bill

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Ben Stein explains why.

Ever since I learned about Barack Obama’s tormented childhood, I waited for the wackiness to come out. Abandoned by his black father and his white mother. Coddled and loved by his white grandparents. Trying to be white for years, then figuring out that the percentages were with playing the race card.

That man, with all of that turmoil inside him, was never going to be a healer. He was angry. You cannot be abandoned by your father and mother without being angry unless you have come to find some God in your life, which Mr. Obama clearly has not. Plus, if he were at peace, he would not have married a woman as furiously angry at her country as he did.

So, as my pal Phil said, all that counted was his unconscious agenda. We soon knew what that was: to loathe America. To apologize for America before the worst tyrants of the world, to refuse to adequately defend America. …

So, if we got policy that mirrored his inner split between white and black, between some measure of gratitude and a huge dollop of anger, we would get what we have gotten:

Policy that infuriated his nation’s friends and coddled our enemies. Policy that allowed Barry, the outsider, to attack other outsiders, especially Jews. Policy that would not stand up for the country that he basically hated, but also loved to con, and whose adoration he loved. Who does not love to be adored?

The most pristine examples: the deal with Iran that will allow the world’s most militant and dangerous country, solemnly pledged to annihilate Israel, to have nuclear weapons, even though every responsible expert warned against it.

And now, an even more perfect artifact of the hatred and split within Barack Obama. On one day last week, his fine Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, a genuine patriot and super smart guy, published an article in the Wall Street Journal about the absolute necessity of having a steady, reliable, predictable defense budgeting program. The article was sensible, well reasoned, and inspiring.

The very next day, the exact next day, Barack Obama vetoed the defense appropriations bill. That’s right. For the first time in recent history, the President vetoed a defense spending bill passed by a bipartisan majority in Congress.

He did it because — well, he had all kinds of nonsense reasons why he did it. But his real reason for doing it was to spit in the face of the country he is supposed to be defending and protecting. Literally as the ink is still wet on his own DOD Secretary’s words about the need for predictability in defense spending, he introduces the maximum possible uncertainty.

This is a man wrapped up in hatred and confusion and betrayal of his trust.

A dangerous, extremely dangerous man.

Let’s pray for him to get well.

Read the whole thing.

26 Feb 2015

The Unknown President

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Monica Crowley explains exactly why Mayor Giuliani’s expression of doubt about Obama’s love of America hit such a mainstream media nerve.

The issue raised by Mr. Giuliani’s comment is not whether or to what extent Mr. Obama loves his country. It is also not about Mr. Obama’s patriotism or lack thereof.

The real point is as true as it is frightening: Six years into Mr. Obama’s presidency, the man is still a stranger.

That’s what Mr. Giuliani was really getting at when he said, “I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America . He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country.”

With one pointed barb, Mr. Giuliani reminded us that even well into the middle of Mr. Obama’s second term, we still know so little about him.

Starting with his first major speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, the mainstream media fell head over heels for him. When he announced a run for the Democratic nomination for president in 2007, that same media became John Cusack’s character in “Say Anything,” hoisting a boombox of love toward his window. And once he became president, they all but declared that they wanted to have his baby.

As a result of their stalkerish obsession, the media never vetted Mr. Obama. While they have made sport of rummaging through Republican candidates’ garbage, college records and past romantic relationships, they refused to do even rudimentary investigative work into Mr. Obama’s background, education, family, friends and professional associates. Digging into Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s college years is called “vetting.” Digging into Mr. Obama’s college years is called “racism.”

They still refuse to do it. His college and law school records remain sealed, his “career” as a community organizer remains murky, his family background and early childhood in Indonesia remain murkier, and details about his ideological education from Communists such as Frank Marshall Davis and radicals such as Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright remain largely unexplored.

It’s no wonder that questions about Mr. Obama’s very essence are still being kicked around. No one — Mr. Obama first and foremost — has ever answered them.

After all, he set out to become what he called a “symbol of possibility.” Such “symbols” didn’t engage in such pedestrian activities as full disclosure.

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