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07 Sep 2019

Breitbart Ousts Radical Dean, Reason Magazine Condemns Conservative Victory

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Breitbart revealed a number of previous expressions of radical left-wing racial chauvinist, anti-White, Anti-American opinions by Jamie Riley, recently appointed (last February) Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students of the University of Alabama.

Alabama is a conservative state and, despite the fact that hiring people with these kinds of deranged, pathological opinions is practically de riguer for prestigious establishment institutions these days, the powers that be at University of Alabama hastily repented, and did their best to sweep the whole business under the rug. Score one for Breitbart!

    Jackson Fuentes, press secretary for the UA Student Government Association, confirmed at 4:15 p.m. that Riley is no longer working at the University.

    “For us right now, basically all I can tell you is that the University and Dr. Riley have mutually agreed to part ways,” Fuentes said. “So yeah, that’s true, and we do wish him the best.”

    In an email at 5:03 p.m., assistant director of the Division of Strategic Communications Chris Bryant released an official statement on behalf of the University confirming Riley’s resignation.

    “Dr. Jamie Riley has resigned his position at The University of Alabama by mutual agreement,” Bryant said in the email. “Neither party will have any further comments.”

Poor oppressed Jamie Riley will have to find a new job. Perhaps, he can help Ta-Nehisi Coates abuse America in the Atlantic, or join the editorial board of the New York Times. He’d be right at home in either one.

It should be obvious to any rational person that you do not put someone whose core philosophy is racially-based prejudice in a position of power over large numbers of people he hates. It should also go without saying that you don’t appoint a crackpot with a radical extremist paranoid view of History, who hates America, to a position in which he is supposed to be an example and a role model.

But, in a hilarious footnote to all of this, (T)Reason Magazine clocked in with a spectacular Liberaltarian editorial by Robby Soave lamenting the premature departure of the good Dr. Riley via Breitbart’s politically partisan agency as a regrettable instance of “Cancel Culture.”

(T)Reason and young Master Soave are obviously afflicted with a terminal case of theory-induced sanctimony. There is a Political and Culture War on. The Left is playing to win, and without regard to Marquess of Queensbury Rules. On the other hand, the Liberaltarian whatevers are playing to win virtue points in their own eyes and to strike poses of piety they can admire in the mirror.

In a state of affairs in which the Left gets to mau-mau out of Dodge anyone who crosses the PC line, but the Other Side defends the Rights of Speech and Opinion of the most rancid variety and encourages the retention of offices of trust and responsibility by avowed enemies of America and of the majority of Americans, the Left certainly gets to enjoy a tactical advantage, to say the least.

27 Oct 2016

Conservative Intellectuals Finding Their Own Base in Revolt

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Gustave Dore: Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita/ mi ritrovai per una selva oscura,/ ché la diritta via era smarrita.

Ross Douthat, an echt conservative intellectual, argues that conservative intellectuals should blame themselves for the Trumpkin peasant revolt. Firstly, by allying with George W. Bush’s failed presidency, and secondly, by relying on AM Talk Radio (Sean Hannity) and Internet bloggers (Matt Drudge, Breitbart) to do so much of the message communicating.

Every political movement in a democracy is shaped like a pyramid — elite actors on the top, the masses underneath. But the pyramid that is modern American conservatism has always been misshapen, with a wide, squat base that tapers far too quickly at its peak.

The broad base is right-wing populism, in all its post-World War II varietals: Orange County Cold Warriors, “Silent Majority” hard hats, Southern evangelicals, Reagan Democrats, the Tea Party, the Trumpistas. The too-small peak is the right’s intellectual cadres, its philosophers and legal theorists and foreign policy hands and wonks.

The peak is small because conservatives have always had a relatively weak presence within what James Burnham, one of modern conservatism’s intellectual godfathers, called the “managerial class” — the largely liberal meritocrats who staff our legal establishment, our bureaucracy, our culture industries, our universities. Whether as provincial critics of this class or dissidents within it, conservative intellectuals have long depended on populism to win the power that the managerial elite’s liberal tilt would otherwise deny them. …

But now, in the age of Donald Trump, the populists have seemingly decided that they can get along just fine without any elite direction whatsoever. …

History does not stand still; crises do not last forever. Eventually a path for conservative intellectuals will open.

But for now we find ourselves in a dark wood, with the straight way lost.

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