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13 Jul 2013

On This Date in 1924

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Yale Beinecke Library collection.

Postcard dated July 13, 1924, from Ernest Hemingway in Spain to Gertrude Stein in Paris.

Hemingway, identifying himself in the picture as Number 2, says:

“July 13

This was in the Novillada* where we really got hold of it. Algabeuo would hand us a cape and send us out. I got hold of the novillos horns and stayed on for nine minutes and finally got his head down. Don [Stewart] got so he could xxxx xxxx and throw sand in the bull’s eye and almost make him xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx. xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx.

Do you knpw about Bumbee’s tooth? Hooray Hemingway on Holiday”

* Novilladas are bullfights during which 3-4 year old bulls are used. The bullfighters are amateur bullfighters.

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