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13 Feb 2016

Leaving Coins on Soldier’s Gravestones

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Jake Brannon explains the significance of different denominations of coins left on the headstones of soldiers.

While “Cleaning of the Stones” at the National Cemetery in Holly, I noticed a quarter placed on one of the stones. Later I also noticed a nickel placed on another stone. I was so touched with this that I took pictures. (sorry the nickel did not turn out).

I googled about the coins, and found this out. I am very proud to share this.

A coin left on a headstone lets the deceased soldier’s family know that somebody stopped by to pay their respect.

Leaving a penny means you visited. A nickel means that you and the deceased soldier trained at boot camp together. If you served with the soldier, you leave a dime. A quarter is very significant because it means that you were there when that soldier died.”

Hat tip to Bird Dog.

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