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12 Oct 2022

Troy Aikman, Speech Criminal!

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There is a Lithuanian language epithet (approximate spelling) šventobezdi (š is pronounced as “sh”) which I often heard as a boy applied by adults I knew to the excessively sanctimonious type of person accusing him of flatulating holiness.

Today’s PMC (Professional Managerial Class) Community of Fashion is stacked to the rafters with šventobezdys (plural — švento means “holy” — bezdi is self-explanatory).

There was a simply dreadful referee call in Monday last’s Chiefs-Raiders game. During a third-and-eight play with 1:13 left in the first half, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was sacked by Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones for a loss of six yards. While Jones was taking Carr to the ground, he stripped away the football and his momentum carried him to land on top of Carr. Referee Carl Cheffers called it “Roughing the Passer,” giving the Raiders back the ball and a first down.

Football fans were justifiably outraged, and former great Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman commentating on the game, in natural frustration at the sissification of the game, called aloud for the NFL Competition Committee “to take the dresses off.”

Me, oh my! What he said! All the fruits and nuts belonging to the self-appointed Committee to Assure Politically Correct American Speech and Expression pounced on Aikman like the proverbially duck on a Junebug.

Aikman’s “toxic masculinity” was reliably attributed by his holier-than-thou betters to previous brain injury and declared to be the kind of WrongSpeech that must be punished.

Sports Illustrated polluted the air with considerable holiness.

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