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21 May 2019

How British Colonialism Ended

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“Buggins did it. It was Buggins who, once he got some power, thought he understood things which his dim little mind was never meant to even consider. The bloody little labor M.P.s, Bill this and Sam that, with their mouthings about the exploitation of the native peoples. What do they know about the work we’ve done? About the five years it might take to win over an African chief to the idea of giving up some barbarous and revolting custom, or about the other things in India. But roads, railways, hospitals, schools, hygiene. But Buggins has no use for that. It was done by gentlemen so it is no good. Baggins hates the gentleman because the gentlemen know the value of good things. Baggins is trying to destroy the good things we’ve done.” Through his clenched teeth he said, “God how I loathe and detest Buggins when he’s out of his place.”

— Gerald Hanley, “The Consul at Sunset,” 1951.

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