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15 Dec 2018

Nous Sommes Tout Gilets Jaunes

09 Dec 2018

France’s Rightful King Sides with the Gilets Jaunes

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Louis Alphonse Gonzalve Victor Emmanuel Marc de Bourbon, Duc D’Anjou, should be: King Louis XX of France.

Proclamation on Facebook:

Français, mes chers compatriotes,

Alors que se développe de semaine en semaine sur toute l’étendue du territoire national, le mouvement de protestation et de contestation des « Gilets Jaunes », je tiens à exprimer ma solidarité et ma profonde compassion pour ceux qui souffrent, dénués de ressources, écrasés de charges, humiliés et privés d’Espérance, et qui n’ont d’autre moyen d’expression que de se lever comme un seul homme pour manifester leur déception, leur angoisse et leur colère. Ces Français, c’est la majorité silencieuse qui se tait depuis des décennies et dont certains avaient oublié l’existence. Aujourd’hui c’est le peuple de France qui se dresse pour défendre son mode de vie et sa dignité.

Il est essentiel de l’entendre, essentiel de prendre en compte ses légitimes aspirations.

Bien sûr, il faut condamner et bannir le recours à la violence de certains groupes extrêmes qui cherchent à exploiter ce mouvement profondément populaire pour déstabiliser l’Etat. Cette violence coupable et stérile ne peut que favoriser la cause de ceux qui ne veulent pas entendre le cri de tout un peuple.

En ce jour de l’Immaculée Conception, je confie la France à Notre Dame qui est la vraie Reine de France.

Que Dieu protège la Fille aînée de Son Eglise, que Dieu vienne en aide aux Français malheureux, démunis et souffrants. Qu’Il leur rende l’Espérance et la foi en l’avenir de notre pays qui doit se relever et renouer avec tout ce qui en a constitué la grandeur autant que la paix des cœurs et la douceur de vivre.

Duc d’Anjou


French, my fellow countrymen,

As a week-to-week development throughout the entire national territory, the protest and protest movement of “Yellow vests”, I would like to express my solidarity and deep compassion for those who suffer, without resources, crushed by charges, humiliated and deprived of hope, and who have no other means of expression than to rise as one man to manifest their disappointment, anguish and anger. These French are the silent majority that has been silent for decades, some of which have forgotten existence. Today it is the people of France who stand up to defend their way of life and dignity.

It is essential to hear it, essential to take into account its legitimate aspirations.

Of course, we must condemn and ban the use of violence by certain extreme groups that seek to exploit this deeply popular movement to destabilize the state. This guilty and sterile violence can only promote the cause of those who do not want to hear the cry of a whole people.

On this day of the immaculate conception, I entrust France to our lady who is the true queen of France.

May God protect the eldest daughter of her church, may god help the unhappy, poor and suffering French. Let them give them hope and faith in the future of our country that must rise and reconnect with everything that has made it greatness as much as peace of hearts and the sweetness of living.

Louis, Duke of Anjou.

Fire Macron, hire him.

05 Dec 2018

The Revolution in France

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Smashed face of the Marianne statue inside the Arc de Triomphe.

Jonathan Miller, in the Spectator:

Emmanuel Macron is undoubtedly brilliant. He won all the glittering academic prizes. He had a supersonic ascent into the stratosphere of the French civil service. He even did a spell as a courtier with David de Rothschild’s investment bank, before ascending to minister of the economy under François Hollande, and then winning the most glittering prize of all, the presidency of the republic, aged 39¾.

But his hubris, arrogance and almost autistic detachment from the French in the street is in a class with Marie Antoinette. Except that this time around, the courtier whispers, ‘Mr President, the people cannot afford diesel.’ To which the cloth-eared Macron has, in effect replied: ‘Let them buy Teslas.’

At the blockade on the roundabout outside my local Super U supermarket, la France en bas is not impressed. There has been little violence here, though the local anarchists did attack the village petrol station, putting it out of action for two days. As of this morning, though, the main A9 autoroute between southern France and Spain has been closed for more than 72 hours. There are elements to the protest that are both surreal and terrifying. At the Pezenas exit, the gilets have moved a piano onto the carriageway, and are entertaining the stranded lorry drivers. At Narbonne, just down the highway, a gilet armed with a front end loader picked up a burning car, lifted it high into the air, and dropped it on the toll station. The ungovernable slums around the major cities in France are on the edge. The police are exhausted. Be sure of this, what is happening in France is not over.

There are elements to this affair that remain unclear if not murky. Who are the gilets? What do they want? Can this really be a spontaneous revolt, triggered by a posting on Facebook, provoked by increased taxes on fuel? Christophe Castaner, who has been minister of the interior for only a few weeks, and is already one of the most hated men in France, has rushed to blame the violence on the extreme right. There is not the slightest evidence of this. As far as I can tell, the rightists spent the weekend watching the news channels and posting acerbic comments on social media. ‘I’m running out of popcorn,’ one delighted Marine Le Pen supporter told me from the safety of his armchair, as he revelled in the humiliation of Macron.

In Paris, there were many people wearing gilets jaunes, but were they really gilets jaunes? . . .These protests have been hijacked by political and criminal opportunists, but Macron is making a fatal error if he thinks he can brush off the concerns of my neighbours, who are handing out biscuits to passing motorists, most of whom have posed a gilet jaune on the dashboard in solidarity.

“Attempts to negotiate with this Medusa-like movement are not going to be straightforward. The movement has no leader. Its demands are inchoate or naive. . . But French people are not just fed up with Macron, they are fed-up with politicians generally.”


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