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25 Jan 2014

A Bit Slow to Reload

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A Very Strange Volley Gun,

Patented and produced in 1837 by Henry Harrington, this bizarre volley features 37 barrels which fired a .22 caliber bullet. Each barrel would have had to be loaded by hand with loose powder and bullets. All of the barrels discharged simultaneously.

I bet 37 .22 bullets coming his way would, at the very least, make the highwayman stop and think.

Mr. Harrington lived in Southbridge, Massachusetts, and apparently had a penchant for volley guns. He patented a percussion volley gun pistol, made in a variety of barrel lengths and configurations, in 1837. He also produced volley gun rifles in larger calibers. His productions are rare and expensive.

Hat tip to Ratak Monodosico.

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