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24 Aug 2020

Poor, Poor Girl! Aren’t You Ashamed, America?

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Jemele Hill, staff writer, The Atlantic.


You can see below just how terribly the racist American genocidal regime has treated Jemele.

October 1, 2018:

Journalist Jemele Hill is joining The Atlantic as a staff writer, The Atlantic’s editor in chief Jeffrey Goldberg and editor of Adrienne LaFrance announced today. She begins with The Atlantic next week.

Hill will be covering issues related to sports, race, politics, and culture for both the magazine and She will be based in Los Angeles, where The Atlantic is establishing a second California bureau after opening an office in San Francisco this summer.

“Jemele is a wonderfully talented journalist who is famous for her acute commentary, fearless writing and encyclopedic knowledge of sports,” said Goldberg. “But what drew us to Jemele in particular is her deep commitment to reporting. There are a million stories to be uncovered at the intersection where sports, race, money and politics meet, and Jemele is the exact right person to do this uncovering, and The Atlantic is the exact right home for this sort of journalism.”

“The Atlantic made perfect sense to me because during this period, it’s critical to be aligned with people who understand this mission: Sports is a great entry point for exploring what’s happening in the wider society,” said Hill. “You can’t talk about sports without talking about race, class, gender and politics. I want to explore the complications and discomforts with a publication that has a long history of supporting this kind of work.”

In her nearly 12-year career at ESPN, Hill rose to fame for her exceptional coverage on the air and for She was a columnist, a host of “SportsCenter,” and a college football sideline reporter. Most recently, she covered the intersection of sports, culture, and race for ESPN’s The Undefeated.

Hill began her journalism career at the Raleigh News & Observer before moving back to her hometown to cover sports for the Detroit Free Press, and later the Orlando Sentinel. She joined ESPN in 2006.

Frankly, instead of being employed in highly-paid, prestigious establishment positions as commentators and editorialists, I’d contend that people this delusional ought to be netted and taken away to the laughing academy where their excessively rich fantasy lives will no longer pose a danger to themselves or anybody else.

27 Jun 2020

Poor, Poor Pitiful Black Girl

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Caroline Randall Williams

The New York Times publishes the worst nonsense these days. Yesterday, for instance, they served up this spectacular exercise is self-pity from Affirmative Action poet Caroline Randall Williams.

I have rape-colored skin. My light-brown-blackness is a living testament to the rules, the practices, the causes of the Old South.

If there are those who want to remember the legacy of the Confederacy, if they want monuments, well, then, my body is a monument. My skin is a monument. …

I am a black, Southern woman, and of my immediate white male ancestors, all of them were rapists. My very existence is a relic of slavery and Jim Crow.

According to the rule of hypodescent (the social and legal practice of assigning a genetically mixed-race person to the race with less social power) I am the daughter of two black people, the granddaughter of four black people, the great-granddaughter of eight black people. Go back one more generation and it gets less straightforward, and more sinister. As far as family history has always told, and as modern DNA testing has allowed me to confirm, I am the descendant of black women who were domestic servants and white men who raped their help.

It is an extraordinary truth of my life that I am biologically more than half white, and yet I have no white people in my genealogy in living memory. No. Voluntary. Whiteness. I am more than half white, and none of it was consensual. White Southern men — my ancestors — took what they wanted from women they did not love, over whom they had extraordinary power, and then failed to claim their children.


Obviously, the author knows no such thing. history is complicated, far more complicated than imaginary ideal grievance narratives can possibly reflect.

When Henry Louis Gates, on the popular PBS television program Finding Your Roots, looked into the genealogies of African Americans, with massive funding and plenty of professional research assistance, he found one black family that had been free immemorially right back to the 17th century (Tonya Lewis Lee‘s paternal line — Season 4, Episode 6).

He found several black celebrities (including Lionel Richie) descended from ancestors who received state pensions for Confederate military service. He also found one person was descended from a white Confederate soldier who lived, in complete defiance of the mores of the time, with a black woman as man and wife.

Reducing, in the fevered left-wing imagination, all amorous relations between representatives of different races to rape simply travesties reality.

We know from countless depictions of Antebellum Life in the Southern States that African American house servants lived essentially as members of their owners’ extended family. White children were raised by black Mammies, and white and black children grew up as playmates and friends. So, with millions of people living in such intimate and affectionate contact, do you really think that mutual sexual attraction never occurred?

Obviously, it did, because, despite powerful social taboos, some white men really did simply defy Society and live with women of color.

Beyond that, of course, not all African Americans grew up to be pillars of the community and a credit to their race. There was obviously a black underclass way back when, just as there is today. Mixed racial descent could possibly result from the unintended consequences of the practice of the Oldest Profession. Rather than some cruel rapist master, Caroline Randall Williams’ white ancestor may simply have been a lonely chap who wandered off into the sinful part of town one Saturday evening while celebrating.

Of course, it is true as well that current African American hysterical complaints about what they imagine occurred more than a century and a half ago, in addition to lacking a serious factual foundation, are patently ridiculous simply due to the great distance and remoteness of the supposed events.

What happened to your fourth or fifth times great grandparent obviously has very small connection to you. Everybody, white or black or whatever, has some potential historical sob stories. A major portion of today’s US population (including myself) has no ancestors present during, or before, the War Between the States. If Simon Legree, with lascivious intent, chased Little Nell across those ice flows, I had nothing to do with it.

Actually, if we go back before 1850, the ancestors of a lot of white Americans were, if not actual serfs, still peasants with a labor obligation to a socially superior landlord and no meaningful rights.

Caroline Randall Williams, do us all a favor and grow up and get over yourself. Black America’s constant whining and complaining, its excessive chauvinism and racial animosities have a lot to do with the violence and crimes perpetrated by its lower class representatives. It’s long past time to stop all this.

19 Feb 2018

“Black Panther” and Liberal Racial Fantasy

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Z-man has some jaundiced, extremely politically-incorrect comments on the new movie that the American Establishment absolutely loves.

W]hat makes the run-up to the most important movie release, since Birth of a Nation, a bit comical from the perspective of someone on our side of the river. All you have to do is look at the coverage on TV and the internet and point two above is made manifest. The movie is getting a near perfect score from reviewers and anyone not slobbering over it is getting bullied by the media. The TV networks are carrying on like Obama is going to come back for a third term. They were more subdued in 2008 when Obama first won.

Most people get that our mass media is run by Progressive pitchmen for the managerial state. For as long as anyone can remember, “liberal media” has been a common phrase in America. What the Dissident Right has introduced is the idea that the media is not just biased, it is a coordinated effort to deceive. Thanks to the internet, it is much harder to wave this off as paranoia. Black Panther has moved the level of coordination from the shadows to center stage. Movie reviews are now regulated to sell this black movie.

Of course, what the mass media is selling is the crackpot fantasy our rulers have about a non-white future. It used to be they would finesse this by arguing that race and ethnicity did not matter. With the right policies, the swarthy hordes they were importing would be transformed into middle-class burghers. They don’t do that anymore. Instead, they are frankly talking about the browning of America, by which they mean the elimination of white people. The Black Panther movie is part of the celebration of the end of whitey.

The black utopia that is Wakanda, the mythical state in the movie and comic books, could never exist. If the white world suddenly stopped sending food aid to Africa, famine would set in within a month. The West sends about $50 Billion in aid to Africa every year. That’s the official amounts from governments. The billions that flow in from charitable organizations is on top of that. A world without white people means Africa experiences a mass starvation event, followed by a mass die off. Africa could end up depopulated.

The underlying argument from our rulers is that Africa is a mess, because of racism. The book Why Nations Fail is the model for this argument. Whites destroyed the native African institutions and left behind extractive ones. That’s why Africa is a mess. The reality is sub-Saharan Africans have an average IQ in the low-80’s. Eritrea is the “smartest” country with an average IQ of 85. What that means is most Africans are borderline to mildly retarded. The reason Africa is not and never will be Wakanda is it is full of Africans.

Now, you cannot fault blacks for celebrating this fictionalized black homeland where they are at the top of the heap. The promotion of this fantasy, however, makes the essential point of the Dissident Right. Humans naturally want to reign supreme in their own domains, surrounded by people that are like them. Wakanda would not resonate with black people if the ruler was a guy named Muary Greenblatt and his minions were all East Asians or Mexicans. Like everyone, blacks dream of a world without diversity.

The over the top promotion of this black supremacist movie makes all the main cultural arguments you hear on the Dissident Right. If it is OK for blacks to dream of their own homeland, why can’t whites do the same? If blacks would be better off without whites around, doesn’t the same hold true for whites? If the natural order is for the races to be separate, then why in the hell is diversity a good thing? If you were hoping whites would become racially aware, the movie Black Panther is manna from heaven,

A long time ago in another country, conservatives would blithely say that the facts of life are conservative. It was a shorthand way of pointing out that reality does not yield to wishful thinking. Just as socialism and Marxism eventually buckled under the weight of the human condition, the racial fantasies of our rulers will also crack under the weight of biological reality.


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