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02 Aug 2009

Well, That Settles It

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According to this Free Republic post, an attorney named Orly Taitz, representing Alan Keyes, has filed a petition to have the above Kenyan birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama II authenticated.

Web searches produced no other news sources reporting any such development. So I think we need to be just a little skeptical here.

The Orly Taitz web-site has a distinct flavor of the fever swamp about it. Still, it has clearly gotten some lefties excited. When I tried to open Dr. Taitz’s blog, the Trend Micro antivirus software I use blocked it, informing me that this site has been reported as a site distributing malware.

Too bad that its reliability is so dubious. This website does offer a sample long form Hawaiian birth certificate, which, if real, would be a very interesting piece of data. Not as good as Barack Obama’s actual Kenyan birth record, but pretty good.



You read it here first, but the story is everywhere today, being reported with skepticism similar to my own.

Daily Kos’s David Waldman notes that the Kenyan birth record is labelled “Republic of Kenya,” Obama’s date of birth is August 4, 1961, and the new birth record is dated February 17, 1964, but Kenya became independent December 12, 1963 and changed status from a Dominion to a Republic on December 12, 1964.

Below the Beltway discusses the problem with the purported Kenyan document at length.



David Weigel seems to have found the source of that Kenyan birth record: an Australian birth record taken from an Internet genealogy site.

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